Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Dinner Exchange

    I don't want to throw around the word genius, but I am pretty sure that I am one.  The problem is getting others to buy into my genius.  What am I talking about?  So yesterday I was talking about making my own natural cleaners.  As usual I got off on one of my tangents about wanting to make meals from scratch, but not having time.  I realize that it sounds insane to say that as a stay at home mother I'm never at home, but unfortunately it's the truth.  I am always at the kid's school, or driving the kids to appointments, or who knows what.  By the time it's nearly time for dinner I'm either exhausted, or I have run out of time to make dinner.  I end up making hot dogs and a veggie tray and feeling guilty.
    At Christmas every year, thousands of women participate in cookie exchanges.  Why?  Because it saves them time making a lot of one kind of cookie and then just swapping with other cookies.  Usually these exchanges involve a get together of some sort.  At the end of the night those women made 5 dozen of the same cookie, but leave with 5 different types of cookies.  Why could this same principal not apply to meals?
    Here's where my genius comes into play.  I've read about women who rent a large church kitchen and all get together to make massive quantities of food that they all take home with them.  In theory this sounds great, but now start to think about it.  That means that there are a ton of you under foot.  If you are like me and have the gift of gab, then you will not accomplish as much.  What if instead you made several lasagnas.  It's not really that much more work to make 5, I mean you just increase you time slightly.  So you make Lasagna, Betty Sue makes meat loaf, you get it.  You arrange a day to make the exchange.  You spend a few hours in your kitchen one Sunday afternoon, but you take home a weeks worth of meals.
    I think I'm going to see if anyone I know wants to try this.

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