Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Yes, I'm That Mother - (Yes I just stayed up until 1:30 a.m. making Piggie Hoods)

This was Riley and Rowan's versions of "Pig faces".

    Yes, I'm that Mom.  The Mom that you roll your eyes at and think "That woman has wayyyyy too much time on her hands."  

    Thursday night Riley came home from school and announced to me that she had told the kids in her drama group at school that I would make them all pig ears and a wolf ears.  "Well Mom, we're doing the three little pigs play." she looked up at me exasperated.  She was right, I would make them all pig ears and wolf ears.  I'm pretty sure that there is something wrong with me.
    Friday we were without hydro, then Saturday I played catch up with all the things that hadn't been done on Friday.  Sunday was spent, that left Sunday night.  In my typical brilliance I stayed up until 1:30 a.m. sewing piggy hoods.  My eyes stung by the time I was done, but I was done.

    At first I thought that maybe I could buy headbands at the dollar store and some how affix ears to it.  That just seemed tricky.  I then decided that maybe I would make them hoods.  At first it sounds like making hoods would be a lot more work than just sticking ears on a headband, but I know how to make hoods, and I have no idea how I would affix ears to a headband.

    I took the hood off of one of Riley's jackets and used it as my template.  I used old Christmas wrap to create my pattern.  I used three pieces in all, the above piece, and then a longer straight bit for the top of the hood. I then cut my material.  In all I made 4 pig hoods and 1 wolf hood.  I added a sparkley bow for the two girl pigs.  They turned out pretty good.  Most of the time when I operate without a store bought patteren, it's a crap shoot.  Sometimes the results are good, often they are not. This time they turned out O.K. 
    Riley and Rowan are very pleased with their hoods.  It took a couple of hours of my time, but really it's worth it to be creative and to make 5 little kids happy.  Yes, I am an over the top mother, I've never denied that. I made some little people happy, and I had fun doing it.

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