Sunday, 21 April 2013

Burger Revolution - Oh So Yummy!!!!!

    I have driven past this little burger place for almost a year now.  Every time I would drive by I would think to myself  "I should stop in there sometime."  I would then drive by and forget.  I then began to notice my friends sharing posts on facebook from "Burger Revolution".  Oh those burgers looked good, but still I drove past.  A month or so ago I went out for coffee with my friend Glenda.  Glenda asked me "Have you been to Burger Revolution yet?"  I then told her my long winded story about continuously driving past.  "You have to go!" she told me.  "Troy and I go there for date night."  She then went on to tell me about all of the delicious burgers that she had tried, and that she was now addicted.

    Last week Christopher and I actually got out of the house for a date night (it's a rare, but wonderful occurrence).  We were going out for a movie, but where should we go for dinner?  We didn't have time for a nice sit down meal, but I really didn't want garbagey fast food... where should we go?  "Glenda says that we should go to Burger Revolution" I told Christopher.  It was decided... Burger Revolution.  We got there and parked out back.
   The first thing that I was aware of was the heavenly smell of meat  before I even walked in the door.  It smelled like a neighbour is barbecuing something really good (you know the phantom barbecue smells of summer).... and then we opened the door, Oh Mama!  I wish that I had the right words to describe the heavenly smell that greeted us at the door.  I turned and gave my husband a big smile, knowing that we had made a really good decision.  We walked up to the counter where we were greeted by a really friendly, attractive man.  We just stood there like a couple newly escaped from a mental institution.  The selection was almost overpowering.  We just stood there mouths open gaping at the menu.  Finally I swallowed and asked the friendly guy at the counter to recommend something that would suite the tastes of an unadventurous child (I can't do spice).  He gave me a big smile... "For you I would recommend "La Revolution".  It was a 5-oz grilled house ground patty.  Nice choice... I ordered.  Christopher is so much more adventurous than I am (to be honest he doesn't know his limitations.  More than a few times he has given himself a nasty case of heart burn).  He ordered "The Rebel",  a 
5 oz grilled house ground patty, topped with roasted garlic mayo, potato chips, lettuce, cheddar, jalapeno slices and avocado spread.  I shuddered, just saying jalapeno is enough to give me heart burn.  "Are you sure about this?" I asked him.  "Oh YA" he said, the saliva already dripping down his chin.
    We grabbed a seat and waited for our burgers.  Let me tell you that is a busy little hot spot.  While we waited, a constant stream of people came in and left with smiles and bags of deliciousness.  Great music played in the background.  We just sat enjoying our wait, and enjoying talking without the kids interrupting us.  Before we knew it the friendly guy from the counter yelled out our numbers and then brought us our burgers.

    If I thought that Burger Revolution smelled good .... oh my that burger, oh that burger (I am drooling as I type this, just remembering it)!  It came out on a pretzel bun.  I didn't even know that you could get pretzel buns, never mind use it to highlight a beautiful crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside little bit of heaven on earth.  There was just the perfect amount of condiments.  Sometimes when you get a good burger there is just so much of everything that it all runs down your arms and coats your face, oh and clothes that you are hoping to look like a grown up in... no this was not the case.  The condiments were they should be on the burger, and not where it should not be... my face, my arms, my hands... you get the messy picture.  I literally sat making little groaning sounds as I took each bite, and thanking Glenda in my head.  Christopher would have been embarrassed, were it not for the fact that he himself was on cloud nine eating his own little bit of paradise.
    That night and every day after, I found myself having hamburger fantasies.  I would imagine myself biting into that perfectly grilled burger, and imagining the way it would taste.  I found myself looking for an excuse to get back there.  That day came last Friday.  My house looked like a dirty bomb went off, and so the most logical thing that I could do was run away!  I texted my friend Theresa and asked if she wanted to go to Belleville.  She was busy, so I kept bugging her until she agreed.  We had a great time at the mall.... I then asked if she might like some lunch (all the while knowing what I was about to suggest.)  We headed over to Burger Revolution.  She was a Burger Revolution newby.  

     We walked up to the counter, greeted by a different really, friendly attractive guy (maybe they only will hire attractive friendly people).  I knew what I wanted right away, Theresa was hit with the same feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the delicious choices.  She settled upon "The Amnesty", a poutine featuring local cheese curd (from the Wilton Cheese Factory), bacon, pulled pork, and BBQ Sauce all on top of house cut Yukon gold fries . 

    Once again the friendly guy from behind the counter called out our numbers and then delivered our meals.  I enjoyed seeing the look on Theresa's face when she saw her meal.  Why is it so much fun to see someone seeing something that you love for the first time?  As Theresa dug into her poutine the cheese was forming great long stings.  My burger was just as good if not better than I remembered it to be.  

    I owe a great debt of gratitude to my friend Glenda.  She introduced me to my new addiction.  Here's the thing, and I know that I sound like a broken record on this one, but I like to know what I am eating.  I like, no I LOVE that Burger Revolution uses locally sourced meat (they get their beef from a farmer here in Tweed, and use Water-buffalo meat from Stirling).  They use freshly ground meat (if rumor is correct, they grind it right there in the restaurant).  They make their food slowly, there are not hot lamps, no frozen foods.  My meal is made for "me", not the person who may or may not come in.  The staff are friendly and helpful.  How often do you go to a fast food place and have your cashier friendly?  This is good food, that is made the right way.  If you are near Belleville, or want to make a road trip to Belleville, I would really recommend a trip to 300 Front Street ... you'll thank me for it... trust me on this.  Did I mention that they have gluten free selections?  Do you need more inspiration to go and give them a try... well what are you waiting for?

    I would like to thank Theresa McCann for her photography for this blog
(I forgot to bring a camera).

(check out their menu)


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  1. I love burgers this looks great! And the fries, yum!