Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Not So Relaxing Bath

    I am on my second day of a dirty cold.  I am trying to keep my whining to a minimum, but I'm feeling rough.  Christopher is at work, and I'm a single parent today.  I decide that a nice hot bubble bath might just be the ticket.  
   I poured my Bath and Body Works bubble bath into the tub.  The vanilla aroma fought it's way into my congested nasal passages.  The steam was rolling off of the tub... oh this was going to feel good.   I walked across the room for a fraction of a second.  The next thing I knew there was a black and white dog splashing around in my tub.  I was both irritated and amused at the same time.
   Lesson learned, I closed the door and pulled the plug.  I guess that if there was a good thing about this the tub was only a little bit full.  I re-cleaned the tub, then poured my bubble bath into the tub, shaking my head at the wasted liquid gold.  The tub was re-filled and I climbed in.  It felt like heaven, until that is, one of the kids called up to me and I had to open the bathroom door to hear them.  In like black and white lightening flew Fergus.  He splashed gayly into my tub with all four feet.  Gleefully he threw what was left of my bubbles up into the air, catching them with his mouth.  I lay frozen, afraid of where those excited paws might land on my exposed flesh.
    I am not a little lady, and there was not enough room for a medium sized dog and myself in the tub, guess who won (hint he's the one in the pictures).  I'm not so certain that even were I little lady I would have been cool with sharing a tub with a hairy little monster.  If there's a silver lining to this story, which I am really reaching for right now, my dog smells like expensive vanilla bubble bath... oh and wet dog.

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