Saturday, 9 March 2013

All Those Uses For Imitation Crab

    Last week I went to Costco.  Costco is a funny store for me.  Every trip to Costco is a magical adventure.  When I first started going everything was new and wonderful.  I would get to the front cash and discover that my new and wonderful things added up to $500.00.  The more I go the less I spend.  I find that I really have to think about what items actual costs are when I am there.  I really give my brain a work out.  I also am now more jaded and the "new and wonderful" is no longer "new", but who am I kidding, it's still "wonderful".

    When I was at Costco last week they were featuring imitation crab.  It was a package of four smaller packages of imitation crab for $10.00.  I love imitation crab.  There are so many delicious ways to use it!  I like to sneak bits of it just on it's own with salt.  I have two favourite ways to use it however.  I make crab salad (the above picture, although it does not look as delicious as it actually is), and crab dip.  In the summer you can almost always find a Tupperwear dish filled with imitation crab salad in my fridge.  You might say that it is a summer staple.

    For the crab salad, I make it almost the same as I make my tuna salad.  I dice celery (above), while my noodles are cooking.  I chop the imitation crab into small bites.  I then rinse my cooked noodles in cold water, and let them dry a little.  I add my celery, and imitation crab, and about 1/2 cup of mayonnaise  or enough to blend it all together without  being too mayonnaisey.  My secret ingredient is about 1/2 tsp on Greek seasoning, and about a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese (it's also really nice with Asiago cheese finely grated).  In the summer I add freshly chopped chives.
    For imitation crab dip I chop the imitation crab, then mix it until it is just mixed with "Hellava Good" French onion dip.  Oh it is so yummy when you put it on crackers.

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  1. One of the things I sampled at Costco has also become a BBQ staple. Just add cut or shredded imitation crab to a container of the Helluva Good Dip French Onion. It is great with nacho scoops.