Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Felt Easter Eggs

    This summer my Aunt Jean sold her home and moved up to Sudbury to live with my cousin Heather.  In the process of packing my Aunt, who is a real crafter, had to purge most of her crafting supplies.  Sad for her, bonus for me!  She gave me a bag full of bits and pieces of felt.  It has sat up on the top shelf of my laundry room since the summer.  I have had many wonderful ideas for uses for it, but in the end I did none of them.  I was going to make a Christmas tree and let Elly decorate it, but it never happened.

    Today is finally the day that I put that good felt to good use!  Today I cut out 6 egg shapes, and lots and lots of decorations for it.  I am taking it into Elly's class for an Easter activity for her class.  I feel pretty good about the use of the felt and the use of my time!

    I stink at free hand cutting, so I cut out a template first, and then pinned it to the felt.  Then I cut.  I used my felt scraps to create shapes.  I had this great idea that I would use my pinking shears and create some great stripes.  The problem was that I am so disorganized that I could not find my pinking shears.

    I hope that Elly likes the eggs, and that her class does.  It took a little bit of my time, but I'm hoping that it is something that is fun for her.

        Did I mention that part of the fun of making these was making sure that everything fit?  I had to decorate a lot of eggs just to make sure that everything was just right.  No one ever accused me of being a grown up.

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