Friday, 15 March 2013

Maple Milkshakes - The End Of March Break

    Today is the last day of March Break.  The week has flown by.  I had not planned anything, but the week happened anyway.  Although the week has flown, it was a nice week.  I really enjoyed the kids.  I find myself already dreading Monday and the structure that it brings.  
    We are most fortunate to live in a rural area, where many people tap their trees.  We were extremely fortunate, because our friend's the Prevost's gave us a container of that sweet Canadian deliciousness.  As Lisa handed me that container of liquid gold, my mind swam with possibilities.  I could make a maple glaze for that salmon I have in the freezer.  I could make scratch waffles (which I did), oh the possibilities were limited only to the size of that container.  In the end I made an extremely delicious treat!   Maple Milkshakes, the big hit of the week.  We made several batches to much applause.  
    The recipe for this is easy, ice-cream, milk, and maple syrup.  The shakes taste all the better with homemade ice-cream, but for the time crunched, store bought is pretty tasty too.  I used my old school blender, and put in three hardy sized scoops of ice-cream.  I then put in 1/4 of a cup of maple syrup.  I then filled the blender with milk.  We like slightly thinner shakes, so I used more milk to ice-cream.  My mouth is watering just thinking about this.
    Good-bye March Break 2013, I feel like I hardly got to know you.

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