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Friday, 22 March 2013

My Failed Bunny Rolls

    I have an addiction... it's Pinterest.  I spend hours on that site creating boards, and pinning things into them.  I know that majority of those things I will never look at again.  I imagine myself doing great things as I pin those things.  I have this demented idea that I could aspire to be like Martha Stewart (without the jail time).  Oh as I pin those ideas I have this mental image of my family's faces when they see that amazing thing that I have just created.  In my imagination they are crying with joy.  They are so impressed with how brilliant I am.  The reality is quite different.  The reality is that if I ever got around to creating a quarter of those things, my family really wouldn't care.  I have a problem.   

     I had pinned the cutest idea for rolls.  This image showed little bunny rolls.  They were adorable.  I made my big batch of dough and got to work cutting them to look like bunnies.  Again I must admit that in my mind, the kids would be squealing with delight as they opened their lunches and saw their adorable bunny rolls.  They would be thinking I was the greatest mother on earth!  I knew that all of their friends would be so jealous of my kid's amazing bunny rolls.  In my head their friends little faces looked so envious.  My kids had huge smiles of delight in my Pinterest induced delusion.
    I made my rolls, and then placed them on my cookie sheet that I had lined with parchment paper.  I took my scissors and cut bunny ears into the dough.  I then took a small bit of dough and placed it on the back, to look like a cotton tail.  I squealed with delight as I looked upon my genius.  I even had the audacity to call Christopher over to look at them, knowing that he would congratulate me on my great brilliance   I think he may have snorted, but that was more because he's smart and knew that his life would not be worth living if he didn't give me something.  Oh I was proud of myself.  I popped them in the oven and set my timer for 20 minutes.  
    The above picture is what my precious rolls looked like when I took them out of the oven.  To say that I was disappointed is to say that the Pope is a little bit Catholic.  No one squealed with delight.  Rowan looked at them with disgust and asked what they were supposed to be.  Indignantly I told him that they "were" bunnies.  "I guess they sort of look like bunnies, ish.  They look more like freaky monsters Mom." he told me giving me the look that suggested that he thought that this time I may finally have lost it.
    Here is what I have learned from this misguided adventure.... Don't believe everything you see on the internet... now that I think of it, that post on Pinterest showed the bunny rolls, uncooked.  I learned that I am not, nor will I ever be Martha Stewart.  I also learned that my bunny rolls look more like monsters, but they are still pretty funny, and that's o.k.  I suppose that I should add as a post script that my kids made no comment when they came home from  school the day that I sent them the cool sandwich that I have pictured below.  When I asked them about it, they merely shrugged... nice real nice.

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  1. I don't know when I have laughed so hard. Tidey