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The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Curtain Call Players Style

shhhhh don't tell that I took a picture during the play.
    I have never actually seen the whole Rocky Horror Picture Show movie.  I have seen bits of it, I would have to live under a rock not to have.  I just have really never felt the need to watch it, it didn't never has really interested me.  I'm not too into the whole "campy" camp.  I don't really understand going to the theatre dressed in costume and throwing things at the screen... I just don't really get it.
    Having said all of the above I had to go and see the Curtain Call Players version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, my cousin Fiona was in it.  Growing up Fiona was so much older and cooler.  She was the cousin that you followed around like a puppy.  She and her sisters (and my Aunt and Uncle) lived in Toronto.  Toronto to me was Nervana.  It was big and exciting and I promised myself that when I grew up I would move to Toronto.  Fiona did all of the things that I wished that I had the nerve to do.  She was in plays and she took singing lessons.  She wore cool clothes and wore make-up.  She had cool friends who were really nice to her pesky annoying little cousin.  Fiona was one of my idols.  Now that I'm a grown-up she is not that much older (7 years), and now we are not just cousins, but are now friends too.  I still idolize her a little (don't tell her I said that it might go to her head).  She does what I would love to have the courage to do, she follows her joy.... she does community theatre.  I would love to have the courage to do a play.

Our kit included...
toilet paper, a newspaper, fully loaded water gun,
rice, a bell and playing cards.
    We drove to the York Woods Library Theatre.  I was feeling a little nostalgic, York Woods Library was just a street away from York University, the place where I spent some of the best years of my life, and met my husband.  I arrived at the theatre with a little dumb grin on my face.  Christopher dropped me at the doors and I went in and bought our tickets while he parked the car.  I then went and bought us "participation kits".  The kits came with a script and instructions.  We took our seats and began to read our script.  It seemed a little complicated.  We decided that perhaps we would just "watch the play".  We would allow those around us to participate.

    I sat there hoping it would be good.  I was already trying to come up with positive things to say to Fiona if I hated it.  I have seen a couple of Curtain Call Players productions (South Pacific, some original play about one of the World Wars, and last year we saw Hairspray).  All of their productions are excellent, so much better than you would expect community theatre to ever be.  Basically you are seeing actors of similar quality to the "BIG" theatre actors, but for a fraction of the price.  Our tickets were $26.00.  The York Woods theatre was small and intimate.  The seats were a little small and a little cramped, but lucky for me there was no one beside me on one side, and my husband that I don't get to spend enough quality time with on the other side.  I just snuggled into my sweetheart and waited for the show.  At that point in time, life was a bit of all right.
    The "Phantoms" came out first.  I strained my eyes searching for my other cousin Andy (Andy Kirkness is actually Fiona's nephew, my Cousin and Fiona's sister Heather's son).  Even with all of the white make up on he is still a really good looking kid.  I got this big grin on my face when I saw him up there.  There was this young man who I had seen from a baby.  He, like his Auntie was following his joy, and doing community theatre.  Shorty after, Fiona came on.  I just sat watching her.  She is this tiny little person with the big personality and this huge singing voice.  She commanded the whole stage.  I also got a kick out of seeing the productions director Keith O'Connell playing the role of Riff Raff.  Keith was one of those cool kids that I would see at Aunt Jean's house.  He and Fiona have been friends since at least high school, maybe longer.   There on the stage was that grown up teenager wearing white make up and having fun.

Fiona Johnson as Magenta
    The whole production was great, although if I were to tell the truth, for me Fiona stole the show (she might hurt me if I said otherwise), Fiona and Andy.  What a gutsy kid that Andy is.  There he was up in front of strangers wearing women's lingerie and wearing high heels, and I should say dancing in high heels and doing a better job in heels that I ever could.  Everyone in the production was so talented.  I was blown away by Adam Holroyd (Brad).  He was this mild mannered Clark Kent looking guy, quiet and unassuming.  When he began to sing I was stunned.  He had the most beautiful singing voice.  I really wished that "Brad" had more singing opportunities.  I really enjoyed watching Twaine Ward in the role of Frank "N" Furter.  There was a fireman's pole in the middle of the stage, and he was so much fun to watch coming down it in his cherry red lingerie (which by the way I wished I could look as good wearing).  I had the pleasure of meeting him after the show and he was one of the nicest people that I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Another show stealer for sure was one of the "Phantoms", Jesse Perreault.  He had a solo part at the very end of the show.  What an amazing voice that young man has.  Here's a hint Keith, if I may be so bold... make sure you give him bigger part in future productions, that kid has big talent.  I was surprised to find out that Jesse is actually a really good friend of Andy's from Sudbury.  Another easily overlooked stand out for me was the narrator, David Rudat.  He did a really great job.

Steve Lavoie the Musical Director,
and my cousin the shrinking violet,
Fiona Johnson
    I feel I would be complacent if I did not mention the talented band.  Just before the end of the show Christopher leaned over to me and whispered "Make sure you mention the band in your blog.  They are FANTASTIC.  If it weren't for the talent of that band, that show would only be half as good as it was!".  To be honest until that point I had not even noticed the band.  After that I really listened and saw the band.  They did such an amazing job that I did not notice them, but Christopher was right, without them the show would not have been as good.

Twaine Ward a.k.a Frank N Furter

    Christopher and I had a really nice night out in the big city.  We enjoyed the show, even though I am not really a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan.  That production has spurred me to check the TV guide tonight and see if I can catch The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I also have not been able to get 
"Science Fiction Double Feature" out of my head!

Andy Kirkness, all grown up.
    My advice to you... spend $26 and go and see The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you will get your money's worth, oh and wear a rain jacket because those "Participation Kits" contain fully loaded water guns.  We did not join in the "participation", nor did we do "The Time Warp" dance, but we had a fun night.  It was nice to see my family, and to see that cool kid that hung out at Aunt Jeans.

    I should add that this is not for the prude.  It was really fun and funny, but quite risque.

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  1. Wow, I saw that show and you're right-Fiona Johnson as Magenta was awesome...where else can I find her shows?