Thursday, 18 October 2012

Holy Wednesday Batman!

    WOW, Wednesday (yesterday) was crazy!  It's not just the one day, either, it will be like that every Wednesday until the end of December.  All four kids have something going on Wednesdays after school.  It has taken some major scheduling, but I think we've got this one figured out.
    So here is the run down of my Wednesday.... I took Rowan and Elly out of school early.  We came home, had a snack, changed and headed to Madoc.  Rowan started Power Skating yesterday.  For ages we would ask him if he wanted to play hockey, his answer NO.  He did not want to do anything after school, music lessons, a sport, art lessons, anything?  We let it ride, thinking eventually he would find an interest, he didn't (other than soccer because his Dad coaches him).  We told him this September that either he chooses an activity, or we will choose for him.  He chose tumbling.  A flyer came in through the school for power skating lessons in Madoc.  We signed him up, and hoped that he would be agreeable.  Thankfully he was really excited about taking skating lessons.  He was so excited for his first lesson.  I was praying the whole time that it lived up to his expectations.  He got on the ice timidly.  Luckily he pretty much has private lessons, and his teacher seems really nice.  He really enjoyed his first lesson... Thank goodness.  While he skated, Elly and I watched him, and then after a second she got bored, but I had brought books for her to look at for the hour.      

    After power skating was finished we headed over to Tim Hortons.  A nice double double for me and timbits for the kids.  Although the arena was warmer than I thought that it would be, it was still cold and the coffee helped to warm me up.  After our trip to Tim's we headed over for Elly's ballet.  Madoc is the closest place that we could get her ballet lessons.  We've had little girls at the Madoc School of Dance for the last eight years.  I get a kick out of the two and three and four year olds in their little pink outfits, with their tiny little ballet shoes.  The tiny ballerinas dance and jump and skip as they wait for their class.  While we waited the half hour for Elly's class, Rowan read a magazine (mental note, bring his DS next week).  Elly emerged from her class with a huge grin on her face.. "Linda gived me a gummy spider."  Apparently ballet is all about the treat at the end.

    After ballet was finished we jumped back into the van and headed back home.  I dropped Rowan and Elly at home to grab their dinner and headed over to our library.  Wednesday nights our library has jewelry making classes taught by our favourite bead girl Cindy Crowson (  Riley LOVES the jewelry making class.  Cindy was teaching the kids (and some of the moms and grandmas) how to make their own beads.  They then made either a bracelet or necklace.  I arrived to a filled to capacity room.  Apparently 16 kids had signed up for the class, but over 30 arrived.  Poor Cindy, she was still so nice, but harassed.  My Mom and Dad had picked Riley up after school, gave her a snack and then taken her to jewelry making class.  Mom then stayed with Riley for the first half of the class, and I came in for the second half.

    So during all of this craziness, Gracie is at the after school club sponsored by the Gateway Community Health Centre.  She loves the after school program.  So just before the end of the jewelry making, my Dad picked Gracie up from the Gateway, and then dropped her at the library.  So while Riley and her friend were finishing up their bracelets, Gracie was wandering around the library looking for books.
    The two big girls and I arrived home at 7, and thankfully Christopher had our dinner ready for us.  Holy Cow Batman, what a Wednesday!  I will say, it was a way crazy day, but not as crazy as I thought it would be.  It has also given me some really good ideas to make next Wednesday even less stressful.  Wish me luck, I have to do this all over again next week.

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