Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spooky Kid's Lunches

Salami with a pumpkin face, a dollar store
mini-treat bucket filled with rainbow Goldfish
crackers, a Mott's applesauce
 and El Cheapo cookies (That's not the brand).

    I promised myself that I would make school lunches more interesting this year.  So far I have been true to my word.  I really have been seeking inspiration from the Bento blogs that I now subscribe to.  Those ladies have a lot of time on their hands and come up with some amazing stuff!  I told myself in the beginning that I would make one interesting lunch a week.  One a week is not a huge time commitment.  I find that I am really enjoying the creativity involved in making them fun and interesting lunches.  It's more like one lunch a week isn't fun, at least for now.

    Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year.  I do not enjoy being scared, but I take sick delight in scaring / scarring others.  I have been having a blast making their lunches with the Halloween theme ( I know I really do need a life).  The dollar store is a veritable cornucopia of delight when it comes to Halloween lunch extras.  I made one lunch and put in plastic eyeballs.  I giggled the whole time I was making their lunches.  Christopher looked at me like I had lost my mind (there is a good chance that he was onto something.)  The next afternoon when they came home I asked them "So did I freak you out to day?"  They gave me a blank stare.  "You know the creepy eyes in your lunch?"  "Oh yeah, really scary Mom, you'll have to try much harder than that to freak us out." My little smart alack Rowan replied, rolling his eyes.
    The next day I made them wraps for their lunches.  I hid a gruesome plastic severed finger under their wrap.  I gave a slightly sadistic / some may say evil giggle making their lunches.  Christopher gave me that look like he knew his earlier suspicions had been confirmed, he was married to a lunatic.  When they came home the next day I could hardly wait.  I was pretty sure that they were going to congratulate me on "Freak'in them out".  They said nothing.  "So, how was school?"  "o.k."  Finally I could take the suspense no more.  "So did I freak your out?"  This time it was Grace's turn to roll her eyes at me.  "Do you mean the lame plastic finger?"  I nodded.   "Epic Fail!" She said with a smile on her face, a smile that said "Oh my mother has lost it."   This "Epic Fail", is a new term I have not heard before. Maybe tomorrow I will cut off one of my own fingers and put it in their lunch.. maybe that will freak them out!

I have problems.

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