Thursday, 11 October 2012

Samplicious - Getting To Try New Products

    A few months ago I received an email from Kraft.  The email offered me the opportunity to pay $20.00 to cover shipping and handling, and they would send me over $50.00 worth of new products to try.  I had my credit card out faster than you can say "Bob's Your Uncle".  I LOVE to be the first to try new products.  It makes me feel special.  I feel very elite, you know like I'm in some secret cool kid club.  The frugal mom in me likes that I can try new things, and if the kids don't like them, it's no great trouble to the ever present budget.  
    I was so excited.  It was like waiting for Christmas.  Everyday I would go to the mail box, eagerly anticipating that little card in the mail box telling me I have a package.  I really am basically a big kid.  Finally that day came.  The kids were so excited that they wanted to tear open the box in the car.  I made them wait until we got home (even though I wanted to tear it open in the car, but felt like I needed to set a good example).  We put the box on the floor, and everyone sat around it.  Slowly, carefully I opened the box.  It was filled with boxes of cookies, and boxes of fun new flavours of crackers.  There were coupons for free refrigerate-able products.  Oh I was so excited.  We then opened every single box, and tried everything.  It was really a lot of fun.  We all compared which were our favourites, which ones we would buy again, which ones were fun to try, but would not need to purchase again.

  Recently I received another email from Kraft, asking if I would like to receive another Samplicious trial package.  Do monkeys like bananas?  You bet!  I pulled out the credit card, this Samplicious package contained cheese products.  The price had gone up, to $30.00, that's o.k., the first package was worth it.  So I waited for my package, excitedly.
    A few weeks ago I received a large envelope in the mail.  It contained a "What's Cooking" magazine full of recipes, and a page full of coupons to receive "free" cheese products.  It was a little bit of a let down.  There was not the same excitement level as the first package.  I knew that they could not deliver refrigerate-able products through the mail, but it so lacked that instant gratification, it lacked the excitement.  I went to the store, and none of my local stores stocked any of the new products.  I guess I may have to wait until my next trip to Toronto to get my products.   This Samplicious was a bit of a let down.  Having said that, if I am asked to take part again, I will.  I do love to be the first to try new products.  I love that anticipation of the package coming, and getting to try new things.  Maybe I should try one of those Christmas Hampers that they always advertise on t.v..

I just need you to hit this two more times.

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