Wednesday, 3 October 2012

It Was Really Just A Matter Of Time

    I am a little surprised that it took this long.  Yesterday the girls were upstairs playing and I heard more giggling than usual.  I also heard gasps of  "Oh Fergus", followed by belly laugher.  It was not too long after that I heard the clip clop clip clop of little paws thunking down the stairs.  He was closely followed by two little girls still giggling.  
"Mommy, Mommy look at Fergus!"  Riley gasped.  I walked into the living room to see Fergus in one of Gabe's old baby shirts.  He looked humiliated.  "I put this baby shirt on Fergus.  Isn't he soooooooooo cute!"  Riley was so proud of herself.  Elly piped in with the "I holded his head.  Oh Fergus you so cute."
I'm not surprised they did it, I'm just surprised that it took them this long to realize that they could.
    When I was a little girl, we had a hobby farm (three acres).  We had a barn that was full of barn cats.  There was one male jet black long-haired cat in particular that I was especially in love with and he for some unknown reason was in love with me.  Everyday I would go outside, and he would seek me out.  I would then proceed to dress him in baby doll clothes.  I'm talking frilly dresses and a bonnet.  He just let me.  I would then tuck him into my doll carriage with a blanket up to his neck.  He just lay there.  I would push him around the yard until one of us became bored (it was usually me).  He and I had the same routine almost everyday in the summer.  I treated him like he was a doll, and he let me.
    We have had Fergus for a month now.  At first he was really timid, but he is timid no more.  The kids adore him, most especially Riley.  I just can't believe that they didn't think to treat him like a doll before.  He's in for it now that they know they can.  I heard Elly proclaim "Let's make Fergus have a fashion show."  Good luck Fergus!

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