Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Finding Their Guardian Angels - The Magic of Little Girls

    The two big girls came home so excited to show me this "cool" thing that they learned at school yesterday.    Apparently they had both learned it at recess.  The funny thing is that they both go to different schools.
"Oh it's so cool."  They squealed.  "Can we show you?"  Like I had any choice?  So they fought for a few minutes to decide to show me who would help who (lately all my kids do is fight, maybe there's something in the air).
    I sat there, watching the two of them with a combined effort to keep the puzzled look off of my face, and to stop from bursting out with giggles.  So they stand face to face, and one announces (don't quote me on this one) "We want to see if you have your guardian angel with you."  She then says to count to 20 with your eyes closed and then stomp your foot.  She then took her sister's hands and did this weird flapping thing in front of her, and then it was count to 10 and stomp your foot.  When all of the little tasks were done the Guardian Angel was then implored to show herself by lifting the other's arms.
    I admit I got a kick out of the whole thing.  At no point did I expect either of their arms to magically float up, but I enjoyed the sheer "girlishness" of it.  It is such a typically little girl game to play.  I loved watching them interact with each other.  I loved the hint of magic that they both felt, you could see the excitement of it on their faces.  It feels like magic to me just seeing them look for magic in their world.  That is the beauty of childhood, that exploring their world, but looking for the fantastic as well as the ordinary.  Maybe we should all try, even just sometimes allow ourselves to be carried away by the possibilities of  "What if".

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