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Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Real Meaning Of Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentines Day.  There are many people that I know who are, as you read this screaming about how "Valentines Day is a money grab, it's too commercial, it's a scam."  To those people I say, "Man you're bitter... and cheap."  I guess it's all in the way that you look at it.  If you buy into the need of expensive long stemmed roses, and boxes of chocolates, and diamond tennis bracelets then maybe you could argue that it is too commercial.  Here is my take on it.  I see New Years as a time to reflect on yourself.  It's a time where you look at your past, and want to improve your future.  Hopefully you are thinking everyday about how you can be a better person, but chances are life gets in the way.  I would like to think that you love your Mother everyday, but Mother's day is that one day where you stop what you're doing and tell your Mother that you appreciate everything that she has done for you.  The same goes for Father's Day.  I would also like to think that when you watch the news and see the horror that other countries live in, you fall on your knees with thankfulness that you live in Canada, but it takes Canada Day to remember to show your pride and thankfulness.  I feel blessed everyday, but when I am stressed, when the kids are all screaming for my attention at once, I sometimes forget in that moment.  It takes Thanksgiving to see the abundance that we have, that we are never hungry, that we have a lot to be thankful for.  Valentines day is the same to me.  I love my husband and kids every single day of the year, for that matter every single time I take a breath.  Sometime life gets busy, and while everyone knows how much I love them, I do not always "show" them how much I love them.  Valentines Day to me is that chance to slow down and concentrate on how blessed you are to have someone to love, and someone who loves you.  Yes you should be thankful everyday, but sometimes life gets busy.  Sometimes you need a designated day to remind you of the importance of something.  How you choose to express your thankfulness, well that's up to you isn't it.
    This year we are doing our usual over the top crazy valentines traditions (for those of you who are new to the blog, this is last year's Valentines post http://themiddleagedwomanwholivedinashoe.blogspot.ca/2012/02/tales-of-lunacy-our-valentines.html
This year we did something special, something that I hope will both effect and affect my children for the rest of their lives.
    Tuesday night I cut out a bunch of hearts out of construction paper, so did the kids.  We used fancy scissors, and cut hearts in the hearts.  The kids then took almost two hours decorating 128 different Valentines.  They had so much fun coming up with different things to write on them and different ways to decorate them.  Each Valentine was unique.  There was no stress, only just plain fun.
    Last night after the kids had finished school we delivered those Valentines to the residents of our local nursing home.  We were greeted at the front desk by a very friendly lady.  Riley told her that they had made Valentines for all of the residents, could we leave them for them?  The nice lady at the front desk went to get the volunteer Co-ordinator.  She asked the kids if they would like to hand out their Valentines themselves.  They thought this was great.  My kids are all very shy, and so they set forth excited, but wary (like they approach everything).  The first Valentine that they gave out, the lady tried to give back to them thinking that it was just the kids showing it to her.  When they told her that they had made it for her, her little old face just beamed.  She clutched it to her chest, thanking them.
    As the kids saw the amazing reactions and the absolute joy of the nursing home residents they let down their guards, and began to really enjoy this task.  They were asked for hugs, and some asked for kisses.  All made a huge fuss over the kids.  Elly gave a Valentine to one little old lady.  It had been written by one of the big kids and said "I love you".  This little old lady read it out loud and began to tear up.  "I love you too" she told Elly.  Elly then gave her a big hug.  It was beautiful, I'm actually crying while I write this just thinking about the beauty of it.  Some of them wanted to talk to the kids.  All of the residents made a big fuss, and were very grateful.
    When we left the residence, all four kids had contemplative smiles on their faces.  Riley stopped for a minute before she got into the car "That was nice." she said.  "That was very nice" I echoed back.  "They sure wanted a lot of hugs Mom, how come?" Rowan asked in the car. "When you are sad what does Mommy do?"  "You hug me and kiss me Mom." was his reply.  "Some of those people only get touched when one of the workers is helping them.  Can you imagine never really being touched?"  They all looked horrified. These children of mine live in a world where they are hugged, and touched, and told how much we love them every single day.  It is so much a part of their lives that it does not occur to them that not everyone gets this.
    Last night at dinner the kids did their best and worse.  Every single one of them said that their best was seeing the faces of the seniors that day.  Everyone one of them excitedly told their Father about our trip.  They each had a favourite "old person".  They all asked if we could do it again next year.

Sharing your love does not have to cost a penny.  Valentines day does not have to be about how much money you spend.  For me it is about being thankful to have love in my life.  It is about having so much love in my life, that I can afford to share it.


  1. Absolutely amazing. You are setting a wonderful example for your kids.

  2. Thank you. I know it sounds goofy, but I think that it's important for them to appreciate what they have and to share it.