Sunday, 3 February 2013

Making the Tree of Love

    Valentines day is coming up, but it shouldn't take one single day of the year to tell people how much you love them.  I had seen a cute valentines card on Pinterest, yesterday.  It was a handmade card that had a tree trunk, and the leaves were all hearts.  It gave me an idea... a pretty good idea if I do say so myself.

    I decided to use sheets of bristol board and cut out tree trunks.  I gave each kid their own tree trunk and they each decorated it.  It was neat to see how different they each made them, individualized.  I then put balls of tape on the back of each trunk and they excitedly ran up to put them on their doors.  I was amazed at how dirty their doors were, and how covered in little bits of paper and tape they were... mental note clean their doors.

    After they had each hung their tree trunk I gave them each 6 hearts, and told them to write two things that they "loved" about their siblings.  Some of the "leaves" were great, some were pretty goofy.  I really enjoyed reading what they had written about each other.  They really loved reading what their siblings had written about them ... and that is what it was all about.

    I made a really big envelope and filled it with extra hearts.  Whenever their sibling does something nice, or if they just think of something else they can write it down, and put it on their brother or sister's door and fill their tree with leaves of love.

    My children all know how much they are loved.  You just have to look at their face's to know that they are loved, you can see it in their eyes.  They know that they are loved, but sometimes it is nice to physically see "what" people "love" about you.  I am looking forward to seeing those little trees become full of beautiful leaves of love.

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