Thursday, 21 February 2013


    I'M TIRED OF WINTER! (make sure read this in a whiny voice and stamp your foot). I'm tired of being cold.  I'm tired of it taking 20 minutes for the kids to get ready to go outside.  I'm tired of stupid snow! I've still got a month of this stupid snow, and two months of cold weather...grrrrrrr.
    I guess I'm feeling so bitter because this time last year we were not even thinking about the snow because we were preparing for our trip to Florida.  I want to be preparing for a big fun trip to Florida!  I want to go on vacation!  I think I might be getting a little cabin fever.  I would like to pack my bags and go away some where fun.  I find that I need that.  I don't really need the big hurrah of a big fancy vacation (although that is pretty nice).  I more like the just running away from life.  I find that if I can just get that little break from reality then it's like a big breath of fresh air.  My head becomes more clear, I become revitalized.
    I think that I need to plan a mini vacation!

    Now that I've done all of that whining.... I want to remind you that this blog is not just my blog.  I am the writer, I write about my life, but you read it, that makes it your's too.  You and your kind comments make me love to write.  This blog is about you too.  If there is something that you think that I really need to try, or there's something that I've written about and you want to find out more about it, let me know.

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  1. I understand that need to take a break. Now, you will never hear me complain about being a teacher-I love it and I appreciate all the time it allows me with my family. The only down side to the time is that it is proscribed-in other words-March Break is March Break-one year I needed to get a 1/2 hour early on the Friday so I could catch a flight and my pricipal wouldn't let me. Righty so-if she did it for one she would have to do it for all, however, we had to take a flight the next day and yes-it was more than $500.00 dollars more EACH. This year we found a holiday home on Roatan so we could lounge, eat and dive to our hearts content but we couldn find any flights that didn't involve over 16 hours of travel each way-Roatan is 4 hours from here...finally, last night after WEEKS and visiting a travel agent who could't help us we found paradise-we are off to Jamaica on March 10th-never been there and am counting off the days! Just planning the trip made us need one!