Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Brownies on a Stick

    We get a little crazy for Valentines Day at our house, oh who am I kidding we are just plain crazy!  Every year I make the kids Valentines treats.  Usually it's cakes, but this year I decided to change it up.  This year I made brownie cookies on a stick.  I have my fingers crossed that the kids won't be disappointed.

(look at our Valentines tradition)

    I made the brownie cookie recipe that is on the Golden Crisco box.  It's a tried and true recipe at our house.  The problem was forming them into a heart.  I thought that I was so smart when I formed them into cookie cutters... that was short lived.  When that first batch cooked, there was no sign of the heart shape.

    The second batch came out better.  I decided to do my usual cookie ball, and then I cut them in the middle, and separated them a little.  When they were cooked they looked much more heart shaped.

    After I had shaped my cookies into heart shapes, I put in a wooden skewer in the bottom and baked them for  11 minutes.  

    After the cookies were baked and cooled I melted white chocolate chips and drizzled it on the cooled cookies.  I then used the white chocolate to stick on a little conversation heart.

I'm hoping that the kids all like them, I guess we'll see.

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