Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Tarp Tent

    Last night Christopher and I were enjoying our coffee on the deck when the kids scrambled up the stairs.  They wanted to make a tent, could they?  Normally, my answer NO!  But if you will remember, I made a promise to myself to say YES more often (oh, I'm not mental, I don't say yes to everything.  There will never be a point that I say yes to scissor fights, or running with scissor races, or glue and feather fights... you get my drift).  A back yard tent would be fun for them, and really barely any work, and barely any clean up.

    Christopher found a tarp in the basement that the kids could use.  They used the slide to hold the tent up, and then staked it through the grommets.  There was heavy usage of clothes pins.  It took about 15 minutes.  After the "tent" was set up, they set about fixing the inside of it.  They found boogie boards from the pool for their beds.  They found a lawn chair to put in it.

Little miss dirty face wanted a picture of her holding her pony.

        The kids were so proud of their tent.  They played in it until it was bedtime.  They wondered if maybe they could sleep in it, after all they had made beds out of the boogie boards.

I admit that I was a bit impressed by their "shelf".

    They needed to demonstrate to me how it would look if they slept in their tent.  You'll notice that apparently Rowan will be sleeping sitting up.  They really had a fun time.  The tarp did not smell so great, but they didn't care.  All they cared about was pretending that they were camping out.  

    One more time that my first instinct was to say NO, and instead said yes.  Maybe I have a chance of turning into a fun loving Moma.... I guess time will tell.

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