Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Making Cheese At Home

    As you my avid reader knows I love food from scratch.  I like knowing what I am feeding my family, but more than that it gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that "I made that".  For some time now I have been wanting to learn how to make my own cheese.  When my friends and I go to Chapters (we actually spend more time at Starbucks) I find my way over to the recipe section and start looking at the cheese making books, of which there are few, and the ones that are there, are expensive.  The last time we were there, one of my girlfriends rolled her eyes at me and asked "Seriously, you would make your own cheese?"  My answer, "YES, I would love to make my own cheese!"  Her snotty response "Oh I forgot, it's you I'm talking to YOU, would make your own cheese.  The rest of us just go to the store and buy it." We then made our way over to Starbucks for my beloved Caffe Mocha.
    When we went to the Great Canadian Cheese Festival last Sunday, I was nearly jumping up and down with joy when I saw "Making Cheese At Home" (I could not literally jump up and down because of the acute pain in my nose from reconstructive surgery the Tuesday before... I promise shortly I will share that story).  There standing behind a table clothed table were two people holding the key to my current dream!  Maybe I can take "make cheese" off of my bucket list after all.  I was intrigued.
    Peter and Doreen Sullivan teach a cheese making class out of their home in Niagara Falls.  In this class you learn how to make Camembert and Roquefort style cheese using ordinary kitchen equipment (they had me at make your own cheese).  Participants take home samples of their work to age at home.  I am not sure that our cheese would make it past the car ride home to have the opportunity to age.  You can also purchase starter kits so that you can make more cheese when you get home.  The cost of the class is $150.00 a person.
At their booth they had a draw for one lucky person to win a free class.  Gracie filled out a ballet for me.  I have my fingers crossed.  In retrospect I should have filled out every single ballet!  To me it would make for an amazing week-end to go to Niagara Falls grab one of the amazing deals that you can often find on their 4-star hotels, then wander over to see Peter and Doreen and make cheese.  If you are reading this honey, that would sure make a nice anniversary gift.... hint hint.

    If you are as intrigued by cheese making as I am, you may want to visit this website for more information. www.makingcheeseathome.ca

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  1. Hey, I wanna make my own cheese too! The problem is though, I don’t have enough money to spend on classes. Maybe you could teach me someday? Don’t worry, I have been practicing on my own. I tried making some goat cheese yesterday, but sadly, I failed. All I got was a bunch of tasty white goo all over my kitchen.

    Alex Staff