Friday, 1 June 2012

Girlie Time - a.k.a. Watermelon Nails

    I am the mother of three girls.  I love being the mother of three girls (I might be singing a different song when they hit their teens).  I shared before that doing their nails is bonding time.  People notice when they have pretty nails, and it says that they are loved and cared for without ever speaking a word.
When people see my girls with "watermelon nails", or "lady bug nails", they know that someone loves that little girl with all of her heart.  It may sound crazy but to me it's as good as them wearing a huge light up badge that says "My Mommy Loves Me!"

I started by painting Riley's nails with a pink nail polish.

I then painted the tips of her nails with green, like a crazy french manicure.

I then used my white fine tipped nail polish and drew a line just over the top of the green.

Then comes the thin black nail polish brush.  I made tiny lines on the top.

I then gave it all a clear top coat.

Voila, finished watermelon nails!

One happy little customer!

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