Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hidden Goldmine Bakery

    Every Thursday I take Elly to Madoc for her speech therapy.  Elly has an amazing vocabulary, she just has trouble making those sounds.  We're not sure why she does, we suspect (her therapist and ourselves) that possibly it's a jaw co-ordination thing.  The point is she needs extra help, and I take her to Madoc to get it.  Elly looks forward to seeing Lindsay every Thursday.  
    Last Thursday for some reason I got us to Madoc half an hour early.  I wondered how we would fill in that time.  Half an hour is a long time to sit and wait.  Half an hour is not long enough to go to the park without lots of tears.  As we drove through the downtown, I noticed a new sight, "The Hidden Goldmine Bakery".  Maybe we should check it out! 

    The store is big and bright and welcoming.  Elly and I walked around a little to explore.  We then wandered up to the counter to pick her treat.  My Elly is a cookie monster.  He favourite cookie is chocolate chip.  As we approached the baking display we discovered that there were only oatmeal raisin or oatmeal cranberry and raisin cookies.  Elly decided to try one anyway.  We also bought an orange soda, that came in a fun preserve mug.

    Elly ran and found us a seat.  She did not like the oatmeal cookie, but she sure fell in love with the gingerbread friends who were sitting beside us.  She loved sharing the orange soda.  She would take a sip and then pass it to me "Your turn".  I just fell in love with that little girl all over again as she sat there drinking that pop.  I was glad we were too early for speech and found this little gem.

    Although the store is new, the bakery is not.  Hidden Goldmine Bakery has been around for a few years now.  I believe they began making things from their home and have had to expand to meet their demand.  The first time I ever saw Hidden Goldmine Bakery was at a craft sale in Thomasburg.  There was this nice dark haired lady with samples of her fudge.  I thought that was pretty clever of her, because once I took one taste, I was hooked.  The fudge is like the kind that Christopher's grandma made, and I have now taken over her legacy.  The thing I most like about the Hidden Goldmine fudge, is that I don't loose the feeling in my arm making it, but still enjoy eating it.  Since the fudge they have gone on to expand their candy line.  They have all kinds of old fashioned candy now.

    The store is lovely and bright, and well spaced out.  It felt very relaxing sitting there.  If you find yourself in the Madoc area it's worth a stop by.  If you don't find yourself in Madoc, Hidden Goldmine treats can be purchased all over the area, and you are in for a treat if you purchase them.

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  1. Very pricey bakery. There is another bakery on the main drag operated by mentally challenged staff, who have no challenges making excellent baked goods.