Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Rainbow Loom Trail (of elastics)

    Orange, green, baby blue, multi-coloured, pink oh you name the colour and I have found it around the house.  What pray tell am I talking about you childless individuals may ask, while the rest of you groan with knowledge, why Rainbow Loom Elastics of course.  This morning I pulled out a load of laundry from the washing machine, only to discover a rainbow of tiny elastics at the bottom of the drum.  I have pulled them out of the lint trap, sinks, my feet, oh pretty much everywhere. Yesterday morning when I put the dog out, I discovered several on the deck, don't ask me how they got out there, because I cannot even fathom a guess. 

    There is an excellent chance that many homes with little and pre-teen girls can commiserate with me. This year The Rainbow Loom was the "it" gift.  I know many grown women who have also become addicted (I'm not naming names).  At our house Rainbow Looms and their accursed elastics arrived via Grace, and Riley's stockings.  They soon found their way into every single nook and cranny of our house. When the girls are not on their new Christmas ipods, they are deeply entrenched in their bracelet making.

    On the week-end Grace and Riley sat in front of the TV watching Youtube videos on how to make different types of Rainbow Loom bracelets.  Every few minutes I would hear a screech of "Pause it, I missed a step!"  It was very important to them both that they learn intricate ways of weaving those awful little colourful elastics, so that they could impress their friends.   In the end they both wore sleeves of fancily woven elastic bracelets up both arms.
    I suppose that there are much worse things that the kids could be obsessed with. A few years ago it was Silly bands, now it's Rainbow Loom, next year it will be something new.  If I really think about it, playing hide and seek with crazy expensive little elastics is worth every penny because it means that I have little girls, at least that what I try to remind myself as I remove those elastics from everywhere!

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  1. I have pulled them out of the lint trap, sinks, my feet, oh pretty much everywhere "charms.