Friday, 3 January 2014

Ham and Eggers

    My brain is a funny thing (by funny what I really mean is slightly frightening).  I tend to obsess about things.  This Christmas season I slightly obsessed about making a breakfast casserole.  I had visions of a beautiful breakfast casserole that everyone would weep over for Christmas morning.  Reality quickly set in.  Our Christmas tradition is a big breakfast... three pounds of bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, toasty hash browns, and toast.  It has been this way since my own childhood.  I could not break with tradition, but if I were honest I could not deal with the cries of "I'm not eating this, it looks gross!"  I decided to try my casserole at a later date.  We have no breakfast traditions for New Year's day.  Maybe I could make one New Year's day.  New Year's morning came and everyone was hungry... my breakfast casserole would have to wait.

    Instead of a breakfast casserole, I decided to try an experiment.  I had lots of ham.  I sliced it into tiny little slices, and then fried it in my cast iron pan with butter until it browned and crusted a little.  I then flattened it out and cracked in an egg.

    We are an over easy family.  It's important to have the egg still running, but not "runny".  This takes patience.

    When I had finished cooking the eggs, they were delightfully covered in ham.  The true test was after the eggs had been cooked, would the kids and Christopher like them?  The answer to that question was a mixed bag.  Christopher LOVED them.  I really enjoyed them.  The kids of course didn't really care for them (they're weird).  Eventually I will get around to making a breakfast casserole.

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