Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mother of The Year...Not

    Sunday night I fell into bed, tired, but happy.  It is my usual Sunday routine to spend most of the day in the kitchen baking and preparing for the school week ahead.  I like to feed my children foods with ingredients that I can pronounce as much as possible.  Because of this I do a lot of baking, and prepare most meals from scratch as often as possible.  Last Sunday I felt especially proud of myself because I had baked about 3 different types of muffins, all VERY healthy!
    When I was grocery shopping I discovered a new type of flour by Robin Hood.  It was Omega 3, with whole wheat and flax seed. I put it in my cart, feeling like Mother Earth.  I also picked up a bag of wheat germ.  Oh my babies were going to be so healthy.  I had this stupid looking, self important smile on my face as I walked through the grocery isle.
   Sunday I made oatmeal apple and cinnamon muffins, oatmeal berry/ banana chocolate chip (with tiny little chocolate chips, so that I could really limit them), tropical muffins with pineapple, coconut milk and coconut in them.  The house smelled like heaven.  By Sunday night my freezer was filled with wholesome rich in fibre treats (I freeze my muffins and cookies for the kids, so that when they get them in their lunch they are as fresh as when I baked them).  I had made all of my muffins with the enriched flour and wheat germ... oh I was such a good Mom.
   I felt really good packing the kids lunches.  They were getting treats that were tasty and good for them.  Again that stupid smile was on my face as I packed lunches.  Tuesday afternoon when the kids got home from school I unpacked their lunches from their knapsacks.  Before I opened up the lunch containers, one of the kids shouted out "would you stop putting those gross fruit muffins in my lunch, they make me gag!" This beautiful, appreciative comment was followed by a chorus of "yeah I hate them too."  The stupid smile quickly slid off my face.
    I packed up those "gross" healthy muffins to give to our school's breakfast club.  Maybe those kids will appreciate my hard work.  Maybe those kids will taste the love in every mouthful.  Most importantly, if they think that they "are gross and make them gag",  I never have to know!

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