Saturday, 11 January 2014

Oh Scary Larry, I miss you!

    There's almost no sign of Christmas left (other than the few forgotten odds and ends we inevitably end up with).  It's now just a memory.  Life has gone back to normal, there is no big lead up anymore.  One of my favourite things about Christmas was playing with my Elf on a Shelf, Scary Larry.

    Most mature adults posed their Elf on a Shelf in fun child friendly poses.  I took great delight in posing my elf in grossly inappropriate poses, then taking his picture and posting it to my facebook friends.  Incase you are a new reader, I should let you know that I have an extremely sick sense of humour.  Sometimes I would sit at the computer giggling to myself as I would come up with a caption for my pictures, what can I say, it's the little things.

    At night I would lay in bed and thinking of hilarious poses for our elf Scary Larry.  Even the kids got in on the fun, begging me to pose him in funny poses.  Scary Larry even went on vacation with us to the Adirondack Mountains. The kids played with him and begged me to take photos.  "Don't forget Scary Larry!" was heard from the mouths of the kids quite often.

    Now that Christmas is over, and Scary Larry has been packed, what will I do for entertainment?  How will I have an outlet for my sick sense of humour?  Oh Scary Larry... I miss you!

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