Monday, 4 May 2015

Home Made Crack a.k.a Boursin Cheese Spread

    There is a chance that my title and picture may be misleading.... but did I get your attention?  So I don't really suit up in haznet gear.  We do however call that delicious cheese crack.... here's the story.

    My friend Sheila is the world's greatest host.  I am pretty sure if there were awards for being a hostess, she would win them.  She makes it appear so effortless.  She is not only an amazing hostess, she is an amazing guest (don't tell Sheila I said nice things about her, she might begin to expect it).  We were having a get together, I can't even remember the particulars of it, but I'm pretty sure that Sheila was hosting.  All I know is that Sheila put out Boursin cheese.  As I may have already shared several thousand times, I am really not a keener on trying new things.  This evening however, everyone was raving about the cheese that Sheila had provided.  I don't like to try new things, but am conflicted because I also dislike being left out of things.  I tried said cheese with a cracker, WOW!  I wanted to growl at my friends as I saw them taking bites of what I considered to now be "my" cheese.  We were all going crazy for the stuff.  It was then that being the classy, classy lady that I am, I coined the name for it that has stuck...."Crack".
    The name "Crack" really stuck.  Soon we were all calling it "Crack" (due to the stuff's addictive nature).  One day I met up with my friend Theresa at the grocery store "Crack's on sale" she said excitedly.  I looked in her cart to see several different types.  We both got this slightly crazed look on our faces and started emptying the refrigerated shelf of the Boursin.  As I walked down the isle of the store, my cart full of cheese, I felt like I was on top of the world, high on cheese.  I then ran into my other friend Julie "CRACK'S ON SALE!  CRACK'S ON SALE!!!!"  I saw that same crazed look on her face as she ran to the back of the store, it was for the best that there were no elderly or invalids in our path's that day.  That became out hilarious story, and our other friends were jealous that we had found the deal, and then greedily wiped the store of it's contents.
    Not only were we all calling this delicious spreadable cheese "Crack", but our children followed suit.  I remember Grace coming home dejected "Makayla had Crack in her lunch today.  Why don't you give me Crack in my lunch?" My response was mother of the year quality, (if said mother of the year was that ugly little chap from Lord of the Rings who kept calling that stupid ring Precious) "You're just lucky I share any with you at all.  I love that cheese!" When you say that line in your head, you need to imagine it with a slightly crazed tone and quite crazed facial expression.

    You can only imagine my delight when I found this website, with a recipe for said cheese....

     I began to call my friends and brag, I emailed them to brag.... I have a problem.  Never one to follow rules, I changed the recipe slightly.  Against my better judgement I am going to share that recipe with you (this is the part where you cower and kiss my feet and tell me that you are not worthy).

This delight to the taste buds begins with a brick of cream cheese, left at room temperature.  It also calls for 1/4 of butter, also at room temperature.  When these are both room temperature I throw them into my Kitchen Aid mixer.  I mix in 1 1/2 tsp of onion power, 1/4 tsp of garlic powder, 1 tsp rosemary,  1/4 tsp ground mustard powder, a generous amount of freshly ground pepper, a dash of salt and 1 tbsp of dill weed.  When you have this all blended it's time for the next step.

I line a small bowl with plastic wrap and spoon the delicious mixture into it.  I wrap the plastic over the top and put it in the fridge to set.  This is a really great method for when you are going to be serving it to other people.  It comes out really easily and looks quite impressive.  The much lazier method that I usually use is simply spoon it into little mason jars.  This would make for a really cute gift ... hint, hint mother's day.

One of the most delicious parts of this recipe is licking the bowl, or using crackers to clean it.  It honestly tastes even better (if that's even possible) at room temperature) I mean I don't want to be a dirty waster.  It's almost too easy to make this delicious treat.  The really nice thing about it, is the cost.  Basically for what I would pay for one small round of Boursin at the store, I can make three.

You're welcome!

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