Monday, 21 January 2013

My Sister /The Joy of Cousins

    Yesterday was my Dad's 70th birthday.  70 is a big deal!  Because 70 is such a big deal my sister and her family flew in from Sault Ste Marie.  I forget just how much I miss my sister until I see her.  When she's miles away I remember that I enjoy my sister's company, but I forget just how funny she is, and I forget "just" how much I miss her company.  Luckily I have the above picture that will help me to remember just how nuts we are when we are together.

    Sault Ste Marie is a 10 hour drive, which means I don't get to see my sister very often, if I'm lucky I see her once a year.  It is pretty much a given that my sister and I will get up to some kind of crazy shenanigans when we are together.  Two years ago when I went up to visit her on March break we had a dance off (I won by the way, for my awesome moves).  The kids and my Mom sat cheering us on, with a heavy dose of both excitement and eye rolling.

    The other thing that I enjoy about my sister is her kids.  I love that Nate jumps in for a hug.  I love that they call me "Aunt Sissy".   I love how easily our children fall together, like they had never been apart.  They just fall into "cousin rhythm".  There seems to be some kind of a genetic bond that makes cousins instantly at ease.  Growing up my cousins were my best friends.  We would fall into the instant easy rhythm, we still do.  There is something almost magical about cousins.  I just sit and watch our kids enjoy each other.  Grace and Sienna wander off on their own to do "big girl things", and Rowan and Nate go off and get up to "boy things" (I suspect that it is discussing gross things, but I have no proof).  Elly and Riley kind of swing between the both.  It really is beautiful.  I feel a little sad that they don't get enough of that.
    Growing up my sister was tiny and blonde, and I was not tiny and had brown hair.  No one could see past that, even though we share most of the same facial features.  I would always shake my head when people could not believe that we were not sisters.  Really the only difference in our facial appearance was we had slightly different noses, other than that, almost identical.  Saturday night the females went their separate ways from the males.  The boys took Dad out to a Belleville Bulls hockey game, and we girls headed out shopping.  We were at Walmart and Mandy had told Sienna to "suck it up", because her blister was hurting, Riley looks up at Mandy then looks at me "Yup, you can tell you're sisters!"  She then looks at Sienna and informed her that "Our Mom tells us to suck it up all the time!", this was followed by an eye roll.

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