Friday, 25 January 2013

Lunch Lady Friday....

    I know that so many of you have been crying silent tears wondering "WHY?  WHY?  Where are Lunch Lady Fridays?"  O.k. I'm pretty sure that no one noticed.  Sometimes life gets crazy and the best laid plans get left behind.  Sometimes I feel like I have something more exciting to say rather than fun lunches.  

    Today I thought I would come back to what my kids call "Fun Lunch Friday".  They look forward to their lunches on Fridays, and if I dare to not make the effort, I will hear about it when they get home.  I know that I sound like a broken record, but it really only takes a fraction longer to make a fun lunch.  Most times I really enjoy making their lunches on Fridays (unlike the drudgery of most days).

    This week strawberries were on sale for $1.50.  I bought lots.  To up the fun, I melted chocolate chips in a small bowl, and then dipped the cut up pieces.  I let them dry on a plate while I made the rest of the lunch. Today's main meal was a homemade sub.  Lucky for me we had Tacos for dinner last night, which meant I had chopped lettuce and finely grated cheese left over, making my job easier.  I used fresh panini buns.

    My favourite part of Friday lunches is the fun part.  For Rowan who loves hippos, I made it look like the little tiny toy hippo was eating his sub.  In a lot of ways, I am apparently a child in a grown ups body.  The most juvenile things give me the most pleasure.  I took great pleasure making the ninja look like he was lying in wait (again, not so much grown up).

    So there you have it folks, fun Friday!  I do think it bears mentioning one funny thing about lunches.  I have many times declared my love of the divided Ziplock lunch containers.  They are really perfect.  I bought them in the States last year.  In the back of my head I have been panicking a little thinking "What if something happens to one of my lunch containers?"  The last few times that we have made the trek to Watertown, New York, there have been no divided containers.  I emailed the company, who assured me that they do indeed make the containers still.  However I cannot find them anywhere!  A couple of months ago the exact thing that I dreaded happened.... The kids empty their lunch bags on the kitchen counter when they get home from school.  On that one particular fateful day, I was doing laundry when I saw Fergus excitedly running in to see me with something in his mouth.  On further inspection it was one of my precious Ziplock divided containers!  He had chewed it up real good.  So now I have three containers, instead of four.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!

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