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There are times that I really do feel like The Little Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe. I even call our little house "The Shoe". I am a stay at home mom. I do really think that was my calling. My kids are 13, 10, 10, (yes they are twins) and 5. Our life is an adventure, most times it really is a beautiful adventure.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pancakes for Dinner

       At our house everyone is slowly getting on the mend, but no one is 100%, and no one has their appetite back just yet.  When I was a little girl, I had a terrible bout of gastroenteritis which landed me in the hospital.  In the hospital after I had started back onto solids, the nurses tried to make me eat Rice Krispies with water, well that make me sick all over again (even the thought of it makes me a little nauseous to this day).  When I got home from the hospital I did not want to eat.  In a state of desperation my mother made me pancakes.  It just seemed like logic that when my bunch were still on the mend, pancakes would be the for dinner.

    I am a sucker for little gadgets.  I like to try to make food fun, and so I could not resist these silicone pancake/ egg molds that Riley and I saw for sale at Canadian Tire.  They were $2.00 each.  I was skeptical  but had to try them.

    On my first attempt I poured the batter right up to the top thinking about what nice thick pancakes they would make.  I did not really think this through though ... see the picture below.

    I pulled the mold off when the pancakes began to bubble.  As I pulled the mold off, and as I pulled it off, the whole thing collapsed.  Mental note... next time, don't use so much batter, just coat the bottom.   

    I feel like I have room for improvement, but the results were semi-impressive.  The kids were pretty impressed, and I guess that's what really counts.  They were excited about their pancakes.

    I tried to make each kid's pancake a little different.  The snowflake received icing sugar.

The snowman received chocolate chip eyes and a candy cane nose, and sprinkle mouth.

    Last night's dinner did not include all of the food groups like I usually like to include, but included a healthy dose of whimsy.  Sometimes it's more important that they eat "something", rather than the best healthy choice.  There's lots of time to catch up on the food groups.


  1. What a great idea!! They turned out so cute!!

  2. Thanks Tiffanee. They turned out better than I expected them to.