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Friday, 14 December 2012

Lunch Lady Friday- December 14

    Happy Friday!  Once again this Lunch Lady Friday is not woo woo, and you know what, they don't have to be.  It's about putting in some effort, not making yourself sick trying to be perfect.  To me it's about the little fun extras.  The extra little touches don't need to take a lot of time, because let's face it, who among us has lots of extra time?  This lunch took me a fraction longer than would a boring lunch to prepare.  

    I found really cute little Christmas containers in Target while we were in the States last week-end.  I am pretty sure that they are intended for Christmas baking storage, but they fit the bill for me.  The larger size container fits into their lunch pails perfectly, and the little ones fit into the larger one perfectly.
    For today's lunch I made whole wheat ham and cheese wraps.  I like to grate the cheese for wraps, because it allows me to wrap them better.  You just need a little cheese when you grate it.  To close the wraps I used the adorable little winter picks.  They came from the dollar store and were in a package with muffin liners, it was a win win.  I added a tiny little snowman cheese.  I love the tiny cookie cutters, they are perfect for little embellishments.
    I filled the little Glad containers with sliced cucumber and the other one with Christmas coloured Goldfish Crackers.  I always add a treat, and today's treat was a pre-wrapped Cosmic Brownie.  I do prefer to try to make the food my children eat from scratch, but I'm human.  I give myself permission not to be perfect.  It's o.k. to make life easy sometimes.  A little bit of junk won't hurt them, and it will make my life easier.
    So there you have it folks, Lunch Lady Friday.  Tomorrow I will continue the story of our adventure to the  Adirondack Mountains.  

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