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Friday, 7 December 2012

Dear Makers of Plus Sized Clothing;

     Dear Makers of Plus Sized Clothing;

It has been estimated that 51 percent of Canadians are overweight.  That should make you really excited.  That is a win fall for you.  You would think that those numbers would excite you to make you want to do better.  Not all overweight women like sequins, glitter, or bat winged sleeves.  We don't all like cute and fuzzy kittens on our sweat shirts.  Some of us are not old women (some of us are but still don't like to dress like them).  We want to wear the same clothing that the other smaller women wear, we just want it to be big enough to fit us, and we want it to compliment us.  We should not have to pay double for the privilege of wearing stylish clothing.


Plus sized women of Canada

     Last Thursday night I was invited to attend a wine and cheese party for sponsors of Tweed Festival of Trees (I was my friend Jane's date).  I was really looking forward to a night out, and getting dressed up to go out.   The problem is that I don't own many decent clothes, I don't really need them.  It wouldn't make sense for me to wear fancy clothes to clean the toilets and do laundry.
    Like many other women, and especially plus sized ladies, I hate shopping for myself.  I feel guilty for wasting money on clothes for myself when I should be getting things the kids.  Shopping for clothes also forces me to look into a full length mirror (something I avidly avoid doing).  It makes me actually look at myself.  There are times when I catch a reflection of myself in a window, and gasp a little.  I really only minimally look in the mirror, I don't really need to.
    I went to three stores.  There were no clothes that I liked, and no prices that I liked.  I am surprised that the plus sized stores don't charge an admission just to walk through the doors.  I stood there wanting to cry.  I had brought Elly with me.  She kept pointing at clothes that she thought I should try on.  Many of the clothes that Elly thought would look pretty looked like a disco ball.  In a panic (I had two hours before the wine and cheese party) I grabbed dresses, and pants, and blouses, anything really, I even took the dress that Elly wanted me to try on, more just to shut her up.  This was the last store, my last chance.
    I tried on my first dress, it was blue and black, and non-descript (that's kind of my personal style).  Elly looked up at me and made a gross face "Mommy dat UGLY!".  Nothing fit right, nothing looked good, I was near tears mentally looking through what I already had in the closet.  I was just standing there, and then Elly started telling me "You didn't try on my dress!  You didn't try on my dress!!!"  I tried the dress on, mainly because I just couldn't take any more.  I tried it on, I liked it.  I was reminded of green eggs and ham "Try it try it you will see......"  It was nothing I would have ever, ever given a second glance.  On the hanger it looked terrible, but when I had it on, it made me feel better about myself... this was a magic dress.

    So this is my point, and I do have a point, we as plus sized women should have a voice.  We are forced to  buy and wear whatever they make for us.  We are forced to pay double or triple for the right to wear ugly clothing.  Some of you may be saying "so loose weight."  Would you tell a petite woman to grow?   Do you think that your words will spur us on to great weight loss?  If it were as easy as some idiot telling you to loose weight, then you magically could?  Doesn't everyone have the right to feel good and look good, no matter their size or age?

P.S.  I know it's supposed to be "Lunch Lady Friday", but my guys are still at home, and on bland food.  Next Friday, I promise.


  1. You go girl! Talk about crying while trying on clothes...as your readers may remember me (I am a star)I was Magenta in the Rocky Horror that Tristan came to see...well-in the final scene everyone was in fish-nets and bustiers and looked fabulous. However, only myself and Riff Raff wore something different. Of course as a plus size, short, older woman I was at first relieved not to be appearing is aforementioned outfit. So, I thought to myself at least I could wear a great bra with a see-thru top in the final scene. I went shopping only to find that my size has ballooned into something the may usually be seen with tassles on them. 40DD! Sounds good right? Not when the double comes as a result of having a BMI too high to tell. Okay-the dance tights and high heels did flatter and I thought "Ya-I am rockin' this"...until the final scene where the bra was to make a grand entrance. No one paid any attention to it-partly because Riff Raff looked hilariously awesome (and sounded great)but I was also wearing a large shiny Hershey's Kiss on my head and silver skin tight leggings. I just hope it wasn't anyone I knew who I swear I heard saying "such a shame, I wonder if she has thought about lypo-suction". Well, I have but in the meantime...why are plus size fashions so...well Tristan said it best!Fiona

  2. Thank you for being so honest. Maybe if us Plus sized girls make enough noise the clothing industry will give us a little respect!

    You looked beautiful in your last scene (just as you do everyday), no matter what size you are!