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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Curse You Evil Furby!

    My three youngest really, really wanted Furbies for Christmas.  That is all they could talk about leading up to Christmas was how all of their Furbies could play together.  One day  before Christmas break Grace came home from school and told us all that her friend's little sister has a Furby and it turned evil...seed planted.  After that story, Riley kept saying "I really want Santa to bring me a Furby... I hope it doesn't turn evil".
    Christmas morning came.  The three little kids all came tearing down the the stairs (you will notice that I said "little kids", because Grace is setting the stage for her teen years and would sleep until 2:00 p.m. if we let her).  You could hear the hoops of delight when they saw their Furbies.  At that point if you had asked them what their favourite gift was... hands down "FURBY"!  Later in the afternoon Gracie downloaded a Furby app onto her ipod. Apparently they can feed their Fuby using this app.  Riley was so excited, that is until Gracie being the awesome big sister that she is fed Riley's Furby hot sauce.  At this point I have to say that were I Grace I would have been tempted to do this myself.  So a moment later I hear screaming.
"Mommy, Gracie fed my Furby hot sauce and turned it EVIL!"  I used my best calming voice "I'm sure it's not evil."  "Mommy there are flames in it's eyes and it's talking in a freaky voice."  Sure enough that stupid Furby had electronic flames in it's eyes and was doing an evil laugh... just what I needed.
    The hysteria continued on through the night "What if it stays evil?"  Being the awesome mother that I am, my reply was "I'm pretty sure that your evil Furby will not try to bite you in throat."  Just when I thought all of the hub ub was over there would be a renewed "My Fuby's evil.  If it doesn't turn nice can I get a new one?" "What will I do if it stays evil?"  Honestly if I heard the word "Furby" one more time I thought I would loose it.  Then the unthinkable happened Rowan came tearing in "Riley's Furby turned my Furby evil!"  sure enough it had those creepy eyes and the creepy voice.
    So now I have three kids afraid of their new expensive Christmas toys.  Elly kept her Furby upstairs in her room afraid that her Furby will catch the evil from the other two, but in actuality she was just plain afraid of her stupid Furby.  Riley and Rowan were frantically shouting "I love you" to those stupid toys.  I'm not sure how much more I can take before I chuck those toys out into the snow bank.
    Today we were all supposed to be going to Acton to celebrate Christmas with Christopher's family.  It's a nice chance to catch up with all of his sisters and his uncle and aunt and of coarse his Mom.  We have a big dinner and exchange gifts, it's nice.  Unfortunately Elly went to the The Department Of Germ Warfare school this week, and she once again has caught some horrendous bug.  I feel like North Korea would do well to save their money on chemical warfare, and would be better served to just send their South Korean enemies to Elly's kindergarten classroom.  For the last three days baby girl has been down and out and has spent most of her time lying on the couch.  Yesterday she was able to open her gifts, and then she passed out on the couch.  This morning she was still couch surfing and so it was decided that she and I would not be going to Acton.
    Christopher and I got everything ready to go and he packed everything in the car.  He and I ran through our check list of what had been packed and what still needed to be packed.  We decided that the only thing still needing packed were the kids.  It was at that point that Riley's evil Furby worked it's evil magic on me.  The trip to Acton is a three hour drive.  Those Furbies never shut up, all they do is speak gibberish all day.  "Riley and Rowan" I shout out.  "You should take your Furbies with you.  I read that if you want them to turn back to being nice, you need to talk them nicely and sing to them.  They really need to be loved."   I could only imagine the electronic fire in my eyes.  Christopher's eyes were beginning to tear up at the thought of three hours in the car with the three big kids and two evil Furbies. Bahahahaha

    I would like to know what brainiac decided that Furbies should be able to turn evil.  What's next a real Chucky Doll?  Mental note, don't let the kids watch Chucky.


  1. I think the idea of a toy turning evil is evil.What kid wants to be frightened of the toy ?Maybe we should all write to the companies and let them know toys should not give childeren nightmares your mom

  2. Maybe the toy companies don't even know this is happening...and it is an evil plot by... (add villain of your choice)!

    1. Now that you mention this, it does stink of Lex Luther!

    2. That's stupid. Of course the companies know this is happening or else they wouldn't have even added in the feature of Furbys turning evil. And it's supposed to do that.

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