Monday, 3 September 2012

Summer Memories Pillowcases

    Today is the last day of summer vacation ... BOO HISS BOO!  I hate it!  I am spending my day getting ready for school tomorrow.  I hate school.  I hate the routine, and please other parents don't hate me, but I like having my kids around.  My baby starts school tomorrow, and I don't think I'm ready for that, she is, I'm not.

    For me the beginning of the year is not January, it's September.  My September resolution is always the same, GET ORGANIZED.  I try, honest to God I try, but I just don't have it in me.  I know that if I could just be organized life would be so much easier.  Maybe this will be my year, who knows.

        To celebrate our summer I sat down with the kids and we made "Memory Pillowcases".  I went to Value Village and bought pillow cases, which I washed in scalding hot water.  I then went to Michael's and bought fabric markers.  I was off to the races.  Before I called the kids to the table, I put cereal boxes in the pillow cases, so that the marker would not bleed through.  

    The kid's loved drawing the pictures, and talking about their favourite parts of the summer.  It was nice to reminisce about time that had just literally passed.  It made me feel better about a summer that I had thought was not up to much.  They all excitedly shouted out the fun things that we did this summer.

    We have not so lovingly named this "Grace's Summer", and it showed in her pillowcase.  She had done so many amazing, and fun things this summer that every square inch of her pillow case was full of pictures.  As each of them drew a picture, they would tell what they had drawn and then tell why they loved it.  I think this may become a new tradition for us.

Elly's Pillowcase.
 At the top are the fireworks from Canada Day.

Grace's Pillowcase.
She did so much this summer that she had to divide it into months.

Rowan's Pillowcase.
Rowan was finished his pillowcase so quickly that I did not
 even get a picture of him drawing it.

Riley's Pillowcase.
Riley's was the most detailed and brightest, like the
little artist that she is. (she also kissed up a bit, "I love my Mom")

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