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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Getting Organized For This Year's School Year.

    Every September I make the resolution that "this is the year I will be organized!".  Every year it lasts for a week if I'm really lucky.  I desperately crave organization, but am really just too lazy and disorganized to make it stick.  I am forever giving my head a shake, wondering what will cause me to make good on my self promise.  Well this is the year, I can feel it in my bones.

Grace's favourite colour is pink, and she
is preppy, so I thought this suited her.

    This year I have four children in school full time.  If I don't want to loose my mind, I have to do something to get some organization.  One small part of my solution came from my last spring's chalkboard project.  I made a chalk board that would remind everyone of things that they needed to remember as they were leaving the house.  The problem was that all of the kids wanted to write on it.

Rowan's favourite colour is orange and blue.
I decided on stripes for him, although
Christopher informed me that Rowan's was boring.

    I think that I have come up with solution.  I purchased a dry erase white board from Walmart.  It cost $30.00.  I then purchased wooden arrows, again from Walmart.

Riley is all about purple and sparkles.
With Riley the more bling, the better!

    I painted the arrows to match each of the kid's favourite colours and personalities.  I have to admit that I enjoyed that part of the project the most.

Elly loves pink and purple, she's a girly girl.

   Christopher hung the whiteboard just behind the side door that we use.   After my white board had been hung, I attached each of  the kid's name arrows over the top of the board.  I then took my trusty ruler and marked out columns for each of the kids, and used permanent marker.

My pre-painted arrows.

    Now each of the kids can write down what assignments are coming up for them, or what's happening at school.  I am hoping it will help to teach them to be self sufficient (oh who am I kidding).  They each had fun writing themselves reminders.  It will be interesting to see if this makes any difference to our lives.  Wish me luck!  Now for the hundreds of other organization jobs waiting for me ...

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