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Saturday, 15 September 2012

One of The Many Reason's Why I LOVE Sweet Temptations Bakery

    I LOVE my local bakery! First of all they make delicious treats, and not your grocery store, run of the mill baking.  No, no, Jodi and Guselle are trained pastry chiefs originally from Ottawa.  The girls make master pieces, they bring the big city bakery experience to our little quaint village, with one BIG difference.  When you go into the city, you are anonymous.  The old theme song from Cheers really hit the nail on the head for this one "You want to go where everybody knows your name."  When I go into Sweet Temptations, they know my name.  They smile, they talk, it's what I love about living in my little village.  We in Tweed are very lucky that Jodi and Guselle decided to open their bakery in Tweed, when they could have chosen anywhere.

    I went in yesterday to get my daily loaf of bread.  I keep joking with the girls that my purchase of their loaf will keep them going.  They always give me their trade mark big smile and say the same thing "It's loyal customers like you who will keep us going".  We have a system now, I no longer get my loaf from the rack, they grab it from their stock and just slice it for me, checking with me that I just need one (when Christopher's home for lunch we need two loaves).  
    Last month I had asked the girls if I could buy some of their cupcake picks to liven up the kid's lunches (remember my last post).  They told me I could.  At the beginning of the week I went in and asked if I could buy a couple of picks, they have the cutest cupcake picks.  They would not let me "buy" any, they gave them to me (see what I mean about awesome).  They gave me tropical flower picks for the girls and a Hawaiian shirt pick for Rowan.  The kid's loved them!  So yesterday I went into the bakery to buy my bread.  When I came in Guselle was just coming up the stairs from their bakery lair a.k.a the basement.  When she saw me she gave me a big grin and then shouted something down to Jodi.  The next thing I knew Jodi was coming up the stairs holding a giant white grocery bag.  She had a matching big grin.  They told me that they were cleaning house and had not used these hundreds and hundreds (I am not exaggerating on this one) of rings and cake picks in their two years of owning the bakery.  They gave them to me.  Their kind and generous gift represents a years worth of fun lunches for my kids.
    Not only are Jodi and Guselle extremely gifted pastry chiefs, they are extremely nice human beings.  Tweed is a better place because those two ladies decided to make it their home.  Thanks girls.

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