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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Family Harvest Fun This Week-end

    I am extremely lucky to live where I do.  I live in rural Ontario.  I am very fortunate to be able to visit local farmers and purchase my food.  There is something to be said for knowing where your food comes from.  I know that I sound like a broken record on this one, but my local farmers eat the same food that I buy from them.  If they would not serve it to their children, then I should not serve it to mine.  Right now my children's bodies are still being made, shouldn't I give them the best to help them to grow?  Besides, fresh food tastes the best!  It tastes so much different than the food that you buy at the grocery store that has been shipped in from God knows where, and sat for who knows how long.
    This week-end (September 29-30) there are some really exciting things going on in my area (and possibly your own).  It's harvest time!  To celebrate the bounty, many local farmers are opening their doors to the public.  That means that I can take my kids from farm to farm.  The kids will get the amazing opportunity to see where their food comes from, and I get the opportunity to purchase beautiful fresh foods from my local farmers.  Next week-end is Thanksgiving, so I might just see how many fresh ingredients that I can get for our big feast.  I have never heard of this Harvest week-end before, but I am pretty excited to take part!

I sure hope that Harvest Hastings don't mind that I stole their poster.

    The really exciting thing about this week-end is on Sunday night.  On Sunday night, local chief, Matt Riga from Port Bistro Pub will be cooking up a locally grown feast at the Tweed Pavilion.  Tweed is the home of one of the last remaining dance pavilions.  It was lovingly restored a few years back by our local Kinsman Club.  The Harvest Supper will take place on Sunday, September 30 from 4 - 8.  Chief Matt will be preparing butternut soup, salad with mixd greens, beets, feta and local apples to begin the feast.  The main coarse will be beef stew.  For dessert home made ice-cream.  There will be hand crafted bread made with local Red Fife wheat flour, topped with Stirling Creamery butter.  To drink, fresh apple cidar, herbal teas from Porcupine Creek Farms, and Keep it Simple Coffee roasted in Stirling.  The meal will be prepared using local ingredients.  The tickets are $25 for adults, kids 12 and under are $5, and ages 5 and under are free.  If you want to come, get your tickets quick call 6132-395-4388, or info@harvesthastings.ca  It sounds like a really fun evening.  It will be nice to feel the crisp air, while surrounded by family, friends and neighbours, all the while eating a delicious feast with local ingredients, I can't wait!

    As well as the farm tours and harvest supper, there are "farmer to farmer" workshops going on around Hastings County.  On Saturday, September 29 Karyn Wright will be leading a workshop on seed saving.  This is one that my Mom will really want to attend.  Every fall my Mom has paper towels filled with her seeds scattered all over the house.  She tries to select her plants that did the best that season, and save them for next season.  The seed saving workshop will be September 29 at The Village Green, 525 Ashley Street, in Foxboro, Ontario from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00.

    On Sunday, September 30 Diane McPherson will be at Grills Orchards leading a workshop on storing fruits and vegetables for the winter.  This will take place at Grills Orchards 886 Grills Road, Belleville.  Just imagine being able to purchase the beautiful local fruits and vegetables from our local farmers, and being able to use them all winter.  It would be nice to be able to do that.  If you are interested in this workshop, call 6132-968-6757.

    I am pretty excited about all of the fun and interesting  things that are taking place.  It's hard to decide which ones to go to.  Off the top of my head I'm thinking we will definitely be visiting the Water Buffalo farm and the Alpaca farm, and of coarse the Harvest Supper (all of this providing that Elly recovers from her scarlet fever).  The rest will be a fun adventure.  Even if you don't live around here, I'm sure that your local farmers will be selling their wares, and maybe even having an open house.  If you live in the city, this is a great opportunity to show your kids where their food comes from, and take a fun trip to the country.  Hope you have a fun, adventure filled week-end ... get planning!

    Don't forget, I'm in a contest for Canada's Top Mom Bloggers, and I need your vote!

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