Saturday, 21 July 2012

Our Tree Frog... so much better than a bat in the face.

    So this was supposed to be yesterday's blog.  I will say, that I much prefer dealing with adorable frogs, over bats flying in my face.  Frogs are so much nicer that bats!

    Last week we kept hearing the strangest noise whenever we were on the deck.  I kept trying to decide if it was an unknown bird, or a squirrel, or who knows what.  I kept walking all over the deck, straining my ears trying to find the noise.  
    A few days ago my parents were over and my Mom was walking around carrying the cutest little grey frog around.  "It's a tree frog!" Mom exclaimed.  I have to admit I wanted to yank it out of her hands.  I love frogs!  Frogs bring out my inner child.  I have been known to chase them around, trying to catch them.  I'm not proud of my childishness, nor am I ashamed of it.  I think that my kids may tend to be a little embarrassed  about their middle aged mother making dives in the grass for frogs.

    Apparently the adorable little tree frog had some how gotten itself trapped in the kids outdoor toy bucket, and they had rescued it (thus my mother walking around holding a little frog).  I will admit, I did not expect to see tree frogs on my deck, or for that matter in town.  It was like a little gift (remember the part of my story where I told you I was childish).
    Last night I heard the same strange noise on my deck.  What was it?  I walked around trying to figure it out.  On a chance I happened to look in the big yellow toy bucket.... mystery solved. It turns out that tree frogs when in distress (or trapped in a toy bucket), make a weird noise, like a cross between a demented bird and an angry squirrel.  I nearly crushed the poor little thing trying to rescue it.  
   So if you by chance hear a weird noise on your deck that you cannot quite put your finger on, you know a cross between a demented bird and an angry squirrel, it might just be a tree frog trapped in a toy bin... you're welcome!

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  1. I must have missed this sweet and I love frogs too!