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Friday, 6 July 2012

Our Near Miss Of Godspell

I took this picture at the Tweed Canada Day Parade

     I love theatre.  For me there is not too much better of a treat than to go to Toronto and see a Mirvish show.  It makes me feel like a grown up.  I get lost in the sets, the costumes, the luxury.  I love that we get dressed up.  I love being transported away from my everyday life ( it also does not hurt that an evening to the show usually includes a dinner at a nice restaurant). Oh who am I kidding I love everything about it, except the price.  The price is prohibitive for a single income family.  Last year for my birthday Christopher got us tickets to see Wicked.  I had wanted to see Wicked since it was first out.  We drove across the border into Buffalo, New York to the Shea Theatre.  It was beyond my imagination.  
    I was thrilled when a local man, Tim Porter brought theatre to our little rural village.  I attended my first IANA Theatre production, Stalkyard Hurts just recently (Tim was exceptionally generous and invited me to see the closing night production.  I brought Christopher and we had a really lovely evening.  The second time I saw the show it blew the first time out of the water).  I was blown away by their talent.  This theatre company is exceptionally talented.  Their voices easily equalled anything that I would see in Toronto, but the price to see the production was comparable to the cost of a ticket to a Cinneplex movie theatre.  After seeing Stalkyard Hurts, I was really excited to see Godspell in July.  My excitement grew when my colourful tickets arrived in the mail.  I had purchased tickets for Christopher and I and Grace (our young actress).
    I discovered last week that I had no sitter for Friday night, the night we had our tickets for.  We decided that either Christopher or I would not attend and let Grace bring a friend.  I was putting on a brave face and telling Christopher that he should take Grace (on the inside I was not as kind).  He insisted that I should take her (on the inside I was jumping up and down), I gave him a half hearted "Are you sure?".  It was not as we had planned, but it would work, well for me anyway.
    Christopher came home from work last night and informed me that he had to work tonight (the Friday we had our theatre tickets for).  I may not have handled it with as much class or dignity as I would have liked ( it may have resembled a temper tantrum, but I will neither confirm or deny this fact).  After a small amount of time, I resigned myself to missing this opportunity.  I did not happily resign myself, but I resigned myself.
    I received a very exciting email from Tim Porter this morning saying that I could switch my tickets... YEAH!!!  I will get to see Godspell after all.  I am so excited!  The play is almost all singing, and may of the cast members from Stalkyard Hurts will be in this production also.  The cast of Stalkyard Hurts was amazingly talented, so I know that I am in for a treat!

    I am going to share a youtube clip of the rehearsals to tease you.  

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