Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Stored Pancakes = Easy Morning

     I have been trying to give my kids a hot breakfast every morning since January.  Please take note of the fact that I said "trying".  We are a single income family and we have to make every single penny stretch.  Homemade breakfast is more economical than cereal, it's also a great start to the school day with everyone sitting around the kitchen table.  On Monday morning I made a huge batch of waffles.  It was kind of comical really, I had the plain waffle maker going, the Sesame Street waffle maker  going (it puts Elmo and Cookie Monster's face on the waffles, just too cute) and I made Cinderella waffles (well really it puts her carriage on them, still awesome).
     As I mentioned, I made way too many waffles.  I put four to a layer and put wax paper in between each layer of waffles in a Ziplock bag. ( I know that the "Go Green" people will not love the Ziplocks, but I am in love with Ziplocks, my sister-in-law calls me "The Zip Lock Queen".)  I then layed them flat in the freezer.  Yesterday morning I was running late, so my husband just stuck the waffles in the toaster, and it was homemade Eggo Waffles.  It was really great.  The kids were happy, and the budget was still in tact, and technically the kids still had a homemade breakfast.

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