Friday, 27 January 2012

Funky Crayons

                                        Funky Crayons

I shared with you that today all the busses were canceled and so I kept my kids at home.   I'm not sure if I shared that my kids get bored very easily, VERY easily.  So it was time for a craft.
This craft is super easy and super fun.  I took a latex muffin mould (you could use a regular muffin tin, but this is much easier to get the crayons out of.)  The kids and I sorted through their bucket of crayons.  We picked out the already broken ones (which at our house                            did not take too long).  We peeled the paper off of them and filled the mould 3/4 of the way.  I put a cookie sheet under the tin to collect any drips, and popped it into a 350 oven.

The kids loved watching the progress through the oven window.  I only kept the crayons in for about 7 minutes.  I took them out, cooled them, then popped them out of the mould.  The fun part was making mulit- coloured pictures.   This craft may have saved my sanity!         

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  1. As you know the only kids at myhouse are yours,but I might try this one all by myself.