Monday, 25 November 2013

Why I Hate "I Spy With My Little Eye"!

    One of my most favourite things in this world is to listen from the sanctuary of my comfy, glorious bed to the goings on of the rest of the house.  I listen to unguarded conversations, and most of the time it makes me smile.  It is honestly one of my most favourite things.  I most especially enjoy listening to Christopher's conversations with the kids.  Most of the time it makes me realize how lucky I am that he is the father of my children.  It really is beautiful to hear his deep voice and the higher voices of the kids in that sing song interchange.
    This morning Christopher and Elly were up together.  As I listened I heard "I spy with my little eye something that is yellow..."  It was at that moment that I lay all the more quiet.  I HATE I SPY!  I hate it because I have yet to meet the child that is not a dirty little cheater and makes that stupid game last for hours.  Inevitably those dirty little cheaters change their eye spy object so that they can win.  You could be in a black and white room with one red object and it would take them hours to admit that you found the red bobble.
    I lay in bed, covers snuggled around me listening, trying not to breath to loudly, lest I be asked to join the game.  "Eye Spy With My Little Eye, Something That is Red."  She sounded very smug, like it never occurred to her that Daddy could ever in a million years find it.  "Is it the little house?"  There was a slight pause.... the tone had changed, no longer quite so smug, more on edge "No, try again"  This went on for at least fifteen minutes.  There were really not a lot of "red" things in the living room to choose.  I have to admit that Christopher was a real champ on this one.  I humor them for a few minutes and then give up, which is met with "awwwww", and then me saying in a not so motherly loving way "Well I'm done playing."  He was a good sport, and lasted a long time before he admitted "I give up, what's red?"  Her voice took on a condescending tone, "Daddy!  It was the house!"  "But I said that!"  "No you didn't... I win!"   Kid's cheat at Eye Spy, I rest my case.

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  1. It is a given if you play I Spy with a wonderfully honest little kid they all turn into filthy little liars with I Spy.Your Dad will play along for ages,after a bit I can,t help myself I am not going to play anymore if you cheat.They then give you the hurt look and say I WAS JUST KIDDING YOU.HAHAHA no they were not but just try to prove it....Nana