Sunday, 10 November 2013

Day Three Of The Turkey Challenge - Turkey Patties

        That $23.00 turkey has really paid for itself!  I was able to have a big turkey dinner, turkey caccatore, turkey soup, turkey salad, and now Turkey Patties.  Turkey patties are very similar to "tuna patties".  Tuna patties were one of my first blogs.  If you missed them, here's the link.

    For turkey patties, you make your mashed potatoes like you normally would.  I put a few pieces of turkey into my food processor like I did for the turkey salad.  The nice thing about doing this is that not only do you get nice uniform pieces in your patties, it really makes the turkey go farther.  Two serving sized thick slices of turkey will make a meal's worth of turkey for turkey salad, or turkey patties.

    I mixed the ground cooked turkey into the mashed potatoes.  I had stuffing left over from the original meal, so I added it in too.  I salt and peppered, and mixed it all in.

    For the health conscious, I'm not sure how you could skip this next step.  I heat my frying pan, and add copious amounts of butter.  The butter gives the patties a beautiful taste, and it really crisps the patties up.  The crispy part of the patties is the very best part.  Man that turkey is really stretching the dollar!

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