Friday, 15 November 2013

Life Clarity because of Sick Kids Hospital

    There are moments in my life when life gains crystal clear clarity.  There are moments when I feel so foolish for the things that I worry about.  I find that a trip to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto will give you that boost of clarity in a hurry.  As you walk around the atrium and see all of those beautiful little bald children some in wheel chairs, some hooked up to machines as their parents push them around.  There are tiny babies with tubes taped to their delicate skin, running tubes up their noses.  Their is almost every amount of heartbreak around you there.  There is heartbreak, and yet those children seem untouched by it.  To them this is life.
    Riley and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Sick Kids sleep disorder clinic.  In Riley's 9 years she may have slept through the night 9 times.  I say "may" because there have been so few I'm not sure of an exact number.  I worry about her health.  Without adequate sleep our bodies are at greater risk of illness.  I just want to find out why she can't sleep.  We really were no further ahead for answers to the sleep riddle, but I felt miles ahead in my understanding of what really matters in this life of mine.

     I am like the rest of you.  So often I fall into that victim role that seems to come so easily.  "Why me?", "It's not fair."  Life's problems sometimes feel insurmountable.  My children have some health issues that are worrisome, but not life or death.  I gain great clarity at Sick Kids.  I feel grateful.  I look at the pale worried faces of those parents, those poor little children fighting the greatest battle of their lives, and suddenly my problems seem insignificant.  
    I think that this year my children will receive one less Christmas gift, but that money will either go to Sick Kids Hospital, or to make "Chemo Kits" for our local hospital.  I want my children to appreciate what a gift their health is, and what a gift their lives are.  I want them to have a hand in helping other children.  If you want to do the same here is the Sick Kid's website....

    Today my blog is short, there is not too much more I feel like I need to say, other than I am grateful for what I have!

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