Thursday, 3 October 2013

Vampire Bagels

    I am a way over the top mom (to say this simple statement is a little like saying that Those Duck Dynasty guys have some 5 O'Clock shadow).  I enjoy making the kids lunches creative.  Here's the thing, generally school lunches are boring, a sandwich, piece of fruit and a junky snack.  Day in and day out not only does that get boring to eat, it gets boring to make.  Don't believe me, just ask any mom what she thinks about making lunches.  I like to liven it up a little.  The simple act of making creative lunches makes me happy.  I will admit that I look forward to receiving praise from the kids when they get home from school.  It's for the best that I don't need their praise to live, because I would have starved to death long ago.  They comment only if they didn't like what I made, or when I beg for comments (which I am not to proud to do).

    Now before you begin rolling your eyes and muttering under your breath "The idiot has wayyyyyy too much time on her hands", just wait.  I don't make the fun lunches every single day, more when I feel bored and want to entertain myself.  The main thing is that I really do enjoy making them.

    The idea for the Vampire Bagels came of course from Pinterest.  Someone had put up an adorable doughnut with vampire teeth.  I then saw a package of something like 20 vampire teeth in the Halloween section.  Immediately I decided that they were be perfect for bagels.
    For this lunch I pulled out my old cookie tray (like I have anything but old cookie trays.  Have you ever noticed that after you use them twice they no longer have that shiny new colour, and the black marks all just start creeping in).  I put my bagels uncut onto the tray.  I then slathered pizza sauce (you can use store bought, but I only had tomato paste in the cupboard, and so I added some italian spices to it) onto the top of the bagels.  I then added finely grated mozzarella cheese.  It takes longer to grate the cheese with the fine grater, but it's easier in the long run.  The finely grated cheese stays in place better and there is less waste.  
   I put the bagels under the broiler for a few minutes, mainly just to melt the cheese.  After they had cooled a little I added cranberries for eyes.  I added cranberries because to be honest that's what I had.  By putting the "eyes" on while the cheese is still melty, you make sure that they stick.  When the kids got home last night from school they asked what the eyes were.  When I told them that they were cranberries, Rowan made this gross face and blurted out "Oh Gross, I ate those!"  The last step is to add the teeth.  It gave me the giggles, but then no ever accused me of being mature.

Home made applesauce, mini cookies
 and a vampire bagel.


  1. What an awesome idea! Whether they admit it or not you are one cool Momma! I'm going to pin this to try when my little one gets old enough to appreciate it (whether she'll admit it or not!)

  2. Thank you Cynthia, I'm going to make my kids read your comment!