Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tree Top Trekking - Guest Blogger Grace Lindsay

    I have already written about the Deerhurst Tree Top Trekking, but I felt like the best person to really tell you about "her" adventure was that brave girl herself... without further ado, Miss Grace Lindsay.

    On day two of our Deerhurst adventure my Dad got a pamphlet and expressed that he had wanted to go treetop trekking. I then read the pamphlet and looked at the photographs in it, once I had read the pamphlet,  I immediately thought that this experience looked very fun.  Later on that day I expressed that I wanted to go treetop trekking with dad.  At first my Dad was kind of hesitant as he thought that once I got up high I would be too afraid to do the course and then we would have to leave early and my Dad wouldn't be able to do the courses.  Then my mom said that it would be an excellent opportunity for the  two of us, as well as great bonding time together.  
    The next morning when we woke up, and got ready my Dad called to see if I would be able to join him treetop trekking.   He had booked to treetop trek the day before but at that point he hadn't found out that I had also wanted to go.  I was so excited when they had said their would be enough space for me to go treetop trekking.
     Once we got to the treetop trekking destination we got special safety equipment on.  We then walked up a trail and to an orientation, where we learned how to use all of the special maneuvers as well as how to do the courses and how to be safe when on the higher up courses.  For the orientation we had to climb up a ladder which led to a telephone wire type thing.  We had to balance on and walk to the other end of the wire to get to a platform.  Once we were on the platform we harnessed in and crouched down, from there we did a semi low to the ground zip-line.  At that point I thought that it was very fun.  Afterwards we went to a beginner course which was called "Fawn".  On the Fawn course we went on 2 wires.  We then went on a part of the course which had swinging logs and logs that you had to step from one log to the other.  The last part of Fawn was a zip-line.  It was much higher up than the one at the orientation, but was even better than the previous one.  The next course was fairly similar to the one before but a little higher up.  At that point we were about 25 to 30 ft in the air.  The next course we went on was an advanced course.  Before we began the advanced course we had to sign a book saying that we were doing the advanced course.  The advanced course was a little bit more challenging than the courses before, but wasn't that hard that I struggled a lot at it.  The only part of the course that I struggled with was the tightrope.  After the tightrope there was a zip-line which was the highest up out of all the other zip-line's I had been on. 
    After we were finished the advanced course we had the choice to go on to another course or onto a 7 course zip-line.  Dad asked me what I wanted to do.  I chose the zip-line course.  Once we climbed up a very tall ladder we got up on a platform. We then got attached and got ready to go on the zip-line.  At that point we were about 45-50 feet in the air.  Once I was about to go I got scared, and just sat there for about 3 minutes.  I then heard a voice come out of the trees out of nowhere say " Come on Grace you can do it!",  I thought it was kind of strange because I didn't know where the voice was coming from and didn't know who it was.  I didn't know how the trees knew my name.  After a couple minutes I finally conquered my fear and had a blast!  Once I was actually in the air I had a blast, I wasn't nervous at all.  When I had landed on the platform at the next tree there was a guide there to help.  His name was Phil and he said that he would help me from that zip-line on.  Phil helped me a lot!  Phil helped me conquer my fears!  When I was up high, as I was zip-lining everything surrounding me was beautiful!  The fall colors on the trees made it an even more beautiful ride.  The 2nd last zip-line I went on was the best one out of them all. All in all I had an amazing experience treetop trekking! 

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