Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Deerhurst Resort - The Point

    For a man who had adamantly stated that he wanted a "relaxing" vacation, he did not do much sitting.  It was only a few minutes of being home from Treetop Trekking when Christopher announced that he would like to try to rent a canoe.  I rolled my eyes, more power to him.  I was going to relax.  Christopher and Riley and Rowan set out on their canoe adventure. 

    I stood on the bank of the lake, watching my voyageurs paddle off on adventure.  There were big smiles on all of their faces.  I walked along watching them on their journey, a big smile on my own face.  This really was a wonderful vacation.  The weather was perfect, the sky was this perfect colour of blue, not a hint of a cloud in sight.  I walked back up the path, a little bit of paradise all around me.

    I was sitting in the van when the thought hit me, we go home tomorrow.  It was not entirely unpleasant, but it was also not entirely welcome.  I wasn't quite ready to go home, not yet.  It also occurred to me that we had not fully, not properly explored the resort.  It was that idea which prompted me to drive around a little.  It was that drive which lead me to a little piece of paradise "The point".

    I went back to the condo and packed a snack for the girls, and we headed to the point.  It was like something out of a storybook.  Both of the girls instantly fell in love.  Gracie made for one of the many Muskoka chairs that looked out onto the beautiful water.  Elly found the sand.  I took deep breaths trying to breath in the peace, enough to last me when I got home.

    As we sat enjoying the nature around us, we saw Christopher and the kids paddle past, still the big grins on their faces.  I shouted out for them to make their way over to us.  There were yells of "Hey, Hey look at us!" from the water.

    Christopher's reaction to "The Point" was the same as my own.  "This is beautiful, I so am having a coffee here!"  As I looked at him I could see the tension no longer in his face.  He looked alive.  He looked supremely happy.  The three of them then set out to share their canoeing adventure with us.  Rowan and Riley excitedly spoke over the top of each other, wanting to be the first to share their story.

    We sat in the Muskoka chairs taking in the beauty, enjoying every second.  The kids were in heaven playing in the sand.  This was one of those moments in time that ingrain themselves into memory.  This was blissful peace, a rarity in our crazy hectic life.  I looked over at Christopher, he was breathing deeply, just as I had done earlier.

    Reluctantly we left to go for dinner, vowing to return after dinner with coffees.  We were hungry, but that serenity kept pulling us back, begging us to sit just a little longer.

    We returned later that night, full stomaches, coffees in hand.  We had picked up coffees for ourselves and hot chocolates for the kids.  The sun was slowly sliding down that pristine blue real life canvas.  We set back sipping in the warmth watching the natural show of wonder.  I fine misty fog hovered above the water like a real but benign entity.

    The world was a perfect place, everything was right in my world.  I had coffee and beauty and my entire world.  This really was a perfect vacation, a vacation that we have vowed to repeat.

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