Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Never a Dull Moment Around Our House

    There is never a dull moment around our house.  With 4 kids we are kept hopping.  Our house is loud and boisterous and honestly I would not have it any other way.  To be honest, I love the noise, but I also really bask in the quiet (on days such as these where all 4 kids are at school.  Turns out my clock makes a ticking sound, I didn't know that until this September).  There is lots of yelling and screaming, but also a really heavy dose of hysterical laugher.
    My kids honestly keep me in stitches on a regular basis.  Sometimes they are intentionally funny, other times they just are.  This week end they were especially funny.  Sunday afternoon Elly came in with a dead lady bug in her hand.  "Do you like my new pet?" she asked her father.  "Honey, I'm pretty sure it's dead."  Elly acted like she hadn't heard her father, and walked right past him.  "Mommy do you have something I can use for a home for my new pet lady bug?"  I looked around and found an empty muffin liner container.  She thought that it was an excellent home for her new pet, and skipped back outside to play.  I was assigned baby-sitting duties.
    I got busy in the kitchen, and when I turned around Riley was sitting at the kitchen table with a tube of mini-M&Ms.  She had been to a birthday party the day before, and they had been in her loot bag.  Riley and I began chatting while I worked.  In an act of goodness, she poured some of her M&Ms into a dish she had found on the table.  "Here Mom, I want to share these with you."  I looked at the container.... it was Elly's ladybug home.  "No thanks sweetheart.  That is so nice of you to share, but you poured them into Elly's dead ladybugs home."  She and I had a giggle.  "I'll see if Daddy wants them, he won't care if a lady bug was in there."  Almost on cue, her father walked in the door.  "Hey Daddy, do you want these M&Ms?"  Before either of us could say anything about the dead ladybug, Christopher had tipped the container into his mouth like it was a shot.  "Thanks Riley" he said while chewing a mouthful of mini M&Ms, and possibly a dead ladybug.  Riley and I exploded into peels of laugher.  "What... What... WHAT?" my confused husband asked.  Riley then shared that the container had been the home of Elly's ladybug.  "Oh God, did I eat a lady bug?  OH GOD DID I EAT A LADY BUG?"  His eyes were huge, a look of disgust on his face.  I couldn't answer him, I was laughing to hard.  Tears were pouring down my face, I literally almost wet my pants.  We still don't know if he ate the lady bug or not.
    I try to do as much work on Sundays as I can to get ready for the week that lies ahead.  I make muffins, cut up fruit, if I'm really ambitious I will pre-make sandwiches.  Sunday's fruits were cantaloupe and pineapple, two fruits my kids love.   I was about to put the lid on my large tupperware containing fruit, when Rowan swooped in and stole some cantaloupe.  He then ran off.  It was an hour of so after that that Christopher came downstairs.  He had just had a late shower.  He walked into the kitchen, "Hey Rowan.  Hey Rowan?"  Rowan materialized from wherever he had been.  "Buddy, the next time you are eating cantaloupe in the shower... don't drop any... o.k."  In his hand was a bit of mushy cantaloupe.  Rowan just shrugged and ran off to return to whatever he had been doing before his summons.  Those kid's crack me up.
    Last night I was relaxing in bed watching t.v.  Christopher had been in the living room watching his beloved Blackhawks.  I had enjoyed the quiet, just watching whatever I liked.  After the game was over Christopher began the nightly ritual of "shutting up shop".  This involves, turning down the heat, switching of the computer router, and then going upstairs to make sure that the kids are all covered up and that the lights are all out.  He had just made it to the top of the stairs, and then came down in hysterics.  "You have to come and see this."  he gasped.  I was mildly irritated.  I had been comfy, but I got up anyways.  The site that greeted me at the very top of our stairs, was the picture I snapped at the top.  There was a our little boy, passed out, face down on the carpet.  I have no idea why he was lying there fast asleep.  I did know that I needed a picture.  As I took the pictures, most of them did not turn out because I was shaking too hard with laugher.  No, there is never a dull moment at our house.

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