Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mom's Can Move Mountains

Our Victory Pose

    My friend Theresa posted a funny post on her facebook page recently.  The post said something like "I can change the world, and here's my plan".  She then put my name at the bottom.  It' funny, but it's true, I really do think that I can change the world.  I even call it my "I can change the world complex".  Can I let you in on a little secret, with the above group of women, I am 100% certain that we could do pretty much anything that we wanted.
    Back, last year we had a school talent show.  It was a huge success.  The kids felt important, and the parents felt proud.  We had lots of people who came just to watch the show, they didn't even have any children or grandchildren in the school.  We were beyond capacity in our gym.  We decided that for the next year (this year) we would move to a larger venue.  Now fast forward to this year.  Our community was selected to receive a brand new school.  This is great news, but it puts extra stress on our principal. She just felt that her plate was too full for the talent show this year.... and that's where we came in.

Grace and Riley singing "Lean on Me"
    Back in the late fall, a group of us Moms got together to plan this year's talent show.  So often if you are involved in groups, there is one person who takes credit for everything (and does nothing), and then there's one person who does the majority of the work, and then there are the people who look busy, oh and then there is that individual who just loves drama and likes to stir things up.  Guess which person I usually am?  Here's the hint, I don't really need to take credit, for me the a job well done is reward enough.  That was not the case with this group of moms.  Every single person rolled up their sleeves and dove in, and because of that, our talent show was a HUGE success.  It was refreshing to work with a group of really committed women, who were so driven.  Everyone played nice, everyone did their share.  There were no people who did no work, but took all of the credit.  There were no people who looked busy, but did nothing.  There were no people who stirred it up.  It was just nice, and I think that we all quite enjoyed the challenge, and each other.
    All of this brings be back to the statement that I am pretty sure that Mom's can move mountains.  I know for myself, that if I want something badly enough, I poor pity the fool who tries to stand in my way.  I know that no matter what this group of committed Mom's puts their minds to, we will do it, and make this world a better place in the meanwhile.  I am very proud to call myself a member of this group of amazing ladies.
Riley and Rowan's Dance group

    I think that we all have the capability to make this world a better place when we leave than when we came in, it just takes courage and stubbornness.  If we work together, we can literally move mountains!


  1. As a teacher I thank you and each and every mom in your picture. Without committed moms, like you and those other amazing woman, our school wouldn't have the opportunities like the talent show. I loved it, the kids loved it, the community loved it and wherever I am next year teaching (hopefully our great new school) I know that I will be at next years talent show! ;)

    Thanks and thanks again - you ladies rock!