Monday, 20 May 2013

Home Made Disinfecting Wipes

    I am a long time user of disinfecting wipes.  I like how easy they are, all premoistened and ready to go.  I use them to clean the kid's lunch bags.  Because they are "chemical" I always felt like they must really clean.  Then I actually took the time to read the warning label...
    On the bottom of the front of the container is a big caution.  "CAUTION - IRRITATING TO EYES  READ LABEL BEFORE USING"... Why have I never noticed this before?  So I read the back.  "NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON UNPAINTED WOOD..."  O.K. I'm with them so far.  I mean maybe it would ruin the wood.  Now here is where the "caution" begins to worry me... PRECAUTIONS KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.  Harmful if swallowed or inhaled.  Do not swallow.  Do not inhale vapours.  May irritate eyes.  Do not get in eyes or on clothing.  Avoid contamination of food.  Do not use or store near heat or open flameNot for personal cleansing.  Not for use as a baby wipe.  Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.
   So if I have to wash things after I have used this wipe, why am I using it again?  Oh that's right, I'm not anymore, because I have found something better.. cheaper... SAFER!

    I started by cutting up squares of flannelette.  I then folded them and put them into my airtight container.  Remember my telling you about my new cleaning love?  I love to put lemon rinds in a large mason jar, and then fill the jar with white vinegar.  I then put the jar in the window, and wait a week.  At the end of the week, the vinegar no longer smells like vinegar, but fresh lemons.  It smells clean.  I mixed my lemon vinegar 3/4 vinegar and 1/4 water in a mug, then I poured it right on top of the clean flannelette squares.  I made sure to wet it, but did not soak it.  I then put the lid on the container.
    So now I have pre-moistened clothes that will fight germs, but not harm my family.  When they are dirty, I just toss them in the wash, not the garbage.  Honestly they work better than the store bought wipes, at least in my opinion.  The lemon and vinegar kill germs naturally.  Why did it take me so long to think of this?


  1. I am going to print out you blog (with the site address) so all the teachers at my school can see this. What an awesome idea!

  2. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing! Loved having you drop by my blog the other day! New follower!

  3. Great idea for preparing the best quality and more hygienically clean disinfectant hand wipes at home.